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Leadership on the Line: Staying Alive through the Dangers of Leading

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Mr O

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Leadership on the Line: Staying Alive through the Dangers of Leading

The Challenge The Response Body and Soul Group C:
Danielle Lewis, Mauricio Ortega,
Marcus Tucker, Jane Octave,
Claire Ilo, & LaToya Brown Leadership is Dangerous
The Perils of Adaptive Change
Going Beyond Your Authority
At the Heart of Danger is Loss Chapter 1: The Heart of Danger Marginalization
Seduction Chapter 2: The Faces of Danger Distinguish Technical from Adaptive Challenges.
Find Out Where People are At.
Listen to the Song Beneath the Words.
Read the Behavior of Authority Figures for Clues. Chapter 3: Get on the Balcony Find Partners
Keep the Opposition Close
Accept Responsibility
Acknowledge their Loss
Model the Behavior
Accept Casualties Chapter 4: Think Politically Holding the environment
Control the temperature
Set the pace
Make the future positive Chapter 5: Orchestrate the Conflict Take the work off your shoulders
Place the work where it belongs
Make your interventions short and simple Chapter 6: Give the Work Back Power and Control
Affirmation and Importance
Intimacy and Delight
What Can You Do About It?
Transitional Rituals
Rekindle the Sparks Chapter 8: Manage Your Hungers Learn to take the heat:
Some have a higher tolerance for it, some can’t take it
Keep your cool when the world around you is boiling
Silence is a form of action
History delights in people who demonstrate this capacity:
Nelson Mandela
Let issues Ripen.
An issue becomes ripe when there is widespread urgency to deal with it. Chapter 7: Hold Steady Distinguish role from self
Keep Confidants, and Don’t Confuse Them with Allies
Seek Sanctuary Chapter 9: Anchor Yourself Love
The Myth of Measurement
The Form Doesn't Matter Chapter 10: What's On the Line Losing Heart
A Reflection on Sacred Heart
Virtues of an Open Heart
Compassion Chapter 11: Sacred Heart
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