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John Hunt Morgan's Indiana Raid

Social Studies Project

Evan Bennett

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of John Hunt Morgan's Indiana Raid

John Hunt Morgan's Indiana Raid John Morgan was born June 1st, 1825 in Huntsville, Allabama. He died September 4, 1864. History He fought in the Mexican-American War and gained the rank of First Lieutenant. With the beginning of the American Civil War, Morgan enlisted in the Confederate army. He began his new career as a captain of Kentucky volunteers. He first served under General simon Buckner and led the Lexington Rifles into battle. The Raid Plan On July 8th, 1863 Morgan led two-thousand soldiers across the Ohio River into Southern Indiana. Crossing into Indiana, Morgans Raiders spread false rumors that the Confederates intended to attack Indianapolis. Morgan led his men to the outskirts of Cincinnati, where he spent the night of July 13-14, within sight of the Union Army's Camp Dennison. The next day, Morgan divided his men. He sent a small group through Warren, Clinton, Fayette, Ross, and Jackson Counties, while the main force traveled through Clermont, Brown, Highlan, Pike, and jackson Counties. Battle at Buffington Island The Northern force numbered approximately three thousand men, while Morgan's Raiders included 1,700 soldiers. Some uncertainty exists about the battle. Morgan hoped to lead his men across the Ohio River, and Union soldiers and gunboats intercepted him. This is a photograph of the original August 15th, 1863 edition of Harper's weekly which features a dramatic illustration of Morgan and his Raiders entering Washington, Ohio John Hunt Morgan's horse saddle Raid Plates Confederate Gen. John Hunt Morgan and his staff spent the night of July 10, 1863, in Lexington. He left for Vernon on the morning of July 11, 1863. Confederate forces under Gen. John Hunt Morgan camped near Dupont the night of July 11. They destroyed railroad track, burned bridges, freight cars and a warehouse, and stole 2,000 hams from Mayfields pofk house. During the Civil War, Confederate General John Hunt Morgan (1825-1864) led a raid through southern Indiana July 8-13, 1863, crossed Ohio River at Brandenburg. Kentucky on two commandeered steamboats with over 2,000 cavalrymen and entered Indiana near Mauckport. Following a battle at Corydon, they traveled north to Salem. Morgan's soldiers then traveled east and reached Vienna July 10: they burned railroad bridge and depot and tapped telegraph line. Spent night in Lexington. Moving northeast, they interacted with towns including Vernon, Dupont, and Versailles. Left Indiana at Harrison ( now West Harrison). Morgan and part of force were captured in eastern Ohio.
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