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SHEILA | Stage Directions

No description

laura clark

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of SHEILA | Stage Directions

"Sheila is a pretty girl in her early twenties, very pleased with life and excited"
SHEILA is very happy at the start of the play; the celebration is the announcement of her engagement. Although she seems to be in anticipation, the events that she is expecting, do not play out as she has thought.
"Half serious, half playful"
"She almost breaks down but controls herself"
"She turns away"
"Laughs hysterically"
SHEILA | Stage Directions
"Very pleased"
- Shows she has an easy life which contrasts with Eva, a poorer lower class girl. This suggest how Sheila is so naive about the social culture around her.
-Shows some maturity as Gerald not being around her in the summer bothered her.
-This foreshadows when we find out Gerald was with Eva Smith last summer.
-Infers she is not as naive as her parents make out.
-This hints that she is trying to distract herself from Eva's death.
-Her guilt infers that she is having the biggest effect from her death.
-This shows she does not look down on the lower class as she feels to blame, unlike her parents.
Suggests she still cares about her reputation as she doesn't want to lose control in front of a working class man; the Inspector. Priestley does this to contrast with how she acts at the end of the play and how she acts towards working class girls.
-Portrays she is feeling guilty as she does not want to show her face.
-This infers she hasn't properly confessed to herself what she has done.
-Foreshadowing at the end when she turns into the inspector voice and confronts her guilt.
"Sharply attentive"
-This occurs when Eric speaks back to his father.
-This may affect Sheila as it's the first time she has seen her father in a bad light.
-Suggesting that she feels differently towards her father than she did at the beginning.
-Foreshadowing her maturity at the end of the play as she doesn't have to depend on her parents anymore.
"Flaring up"
-Sheila gets annoyed when her father assumes that the inspector 'was a hoax' and because of that he is not to blame, this suggests that she is a socialist unlike her parents who are capitalists.
-This relates to the generation gap and how Priestley contrasts with Mr and Mrs Birling with the children.
"She looks at them reflectively"
-This suggests that Sheila does not agree with her parents as she has figured out what they are like.
-Inferring she is reflecting on herself, regretting what she did to Eva.
-This relates to Priestley's message as Sheila has become the Inspector's voice, representing life after the war and connecting to the audience.
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