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Unit 8: Using Mobile Devices in Art and Design

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on 21 June 2015

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Transcript of Unit 8: Using Mobile Devices in Art and Design

Mobile device examples: iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, Tablets...
What is a Mobile Device?
Roz Hall
Unit 8: Using Mobile Devices in Art and Design
29 December, iPad Drawing on 4 sheets of paper, 93 X 70"
David Hockney
Suns from Flickr, 2006
Penelope Umbrico
He needed change, not just his surroundings, but his attitude. So, in spite of his fear, he left. #change #fear #fantasy #6secfilms, 2013
Tom Shea
A mobile device is a hand held tablet or other device that is made for portability, and is therefore both compact and lightweight.

Artists and Designers are beginning to explore the potential uses of mobile devices to further develop their work. Mobile devices are changing the way people use computers and the way design professionals work.

Mobile devices are used to create, share and display art and design projects, working individually and collaboratively, working on the move as well as in the studio.
Digital Literacy and Culture at Central Saint Martins (CSM)

Mobile devices as conceptual and creative instruments
Examples of Artists who use Mobile Devices
Uses iPad stylus to create image
'Brushes App'
Began using his iPhone to create images of flowers and sent them to his friends
Makes photographic installations that identify and explore phenomena and trends in online visual culture
"Suns from Flickr", 2006: Uses photographs of sunsets found on Flickr, then crops them into a universal pictorial structure
Digital artists specialising in portraiture
Creates images using the iPad and Microsoft Surfaces

Apps used for iPad Art:
Brushes App
Sketchbook Pro
InkPad Vector

Apps used for Surface Art:
Fresh Paint App
Graphic Designer and Photographer
Creates short videos on loop using the app 'Vines'
Considered as 'Vine Art' (?)
Social Media
@robinthesky - Digital Media Artist
Joe Hamilton - uses technology and found material to create compositions online and offline
Name of Artist
What do you know about the artist
What medium is the work in? (e.g. video, photograph)
Type of device used
What do you think of the work and why?

Artists to Research - you must have 4 in total
David Hockney
Penelope Umbrico
Roz Hall
Tom Shea
Joe Hamilton
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