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lord of the flies

No description

Justin Fodor

on 1 October 2018

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Transcript of lord of the flies

lord of the flies
Chapter 1
Conch Shell = civilization & order
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Mirages created on the island as the day grows long
Chapter 6
Dead parachutist lands in the trees
Prisoners are caught in a world of illusion
Released and forced to turn his neck = a pain in his eyes
Liberation from past is painful
Brought into daylight =more pain
If he returns to the cave to tell his findings he will be laughed at by other prisoners
If he tries to remove other prisoners they will kill him
** An ignorant person sees the shadows w/o suspecting/questioning their reality. An educated person can see everything for what it is.
Shadow = notions that people assume
Outside the cave = abstract ideas
Present Day: replace the cave w/ TV or internet

Mindlessly accept it as reality
**People are ill-informed, people are unwilling to change their ways. Those that are intellectual will be challenged by the masses
Invisible truths can lie under the surface, and only the most enlightened can grasp these truths
If you can achieve enlightenment = you should be a leader
*So what happens when the ignorant are the leaders?*
Written by William Golding in 1954
Wanted to write a book about boys alone on an island and how they would act
Discussion: How does the book potentially change if it's an island of girls?
-believed a group of boys better represented society when scaled down to its primitive form
Didn't want to mix genders because book would be too much about sex
Main themes = civilization vs. savagery & loss of innocence
Societal behaviors, tendencies to obey rules imposed by system, not fundamental to human nature
vote for chief = democratic, orderly, logical
Jack elects choir boys to be hunters
Jack and the pig
loses opportunity to kill pig, will get it "next time"
Discussion: What are some reasons Ralph was chosen as leader?
"Him with the conch!"
Lots of violent imagery
"blood warm" swimming water
"Violent pleasure" from blowing the conch
"skull-like" coconuts
"We might stay here till we die." - Piggy

all kids run to the conch when its initially blown
"Sucks to your Auntie!"
a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning
"Secret meaning" has social, political, moral significance
The Sound of the Shell
Fire on the Mountain
Rules for Conch
hands raised - "like at school"
children speak out of turn, quiet down when reminded
Ralph holds out belief that father will come
Discussion: Why is this concept so important to Ralph?
Piggy points out that father may never come for them
Pointed out by boy w/ birthmark
Piggy's Glasses
*Becomes a very important symbol later in the book
For now
-- monster that frightens some boys
Vision = sight = knowledge
*think back to the allegory of the cave
w/o Piggy's glasses = cannot see, becomes useless
Discussion = How can the loss of the glasses be related back to the symbol of glasses as knowledge?
Conch slowly losing its "Power"
Jack constantly telling Piggy to shut up
"I'm holding the conch!"
"doesn't count on top of the mountain."
Piggy's use of logic & proper manners
Discussion: How is piggy treated by the other boys when he speaks his mind? By Ralph?
Later -- example of allegory
Boys create giant fire, littluns run off to pick fruit
Breakdown of the attempted civilization already occurring
Shock, remorse shown for death of boy w/ birthmark
conscious still present among most of the boys
aka extended metaphors
1. Literal meaning
2. Symbolic meaning
Don't confuse allegory with symbolism! (although it's similar)

symbol = objects (usually in an allegory)
allegory = story filled with symbolism
Huts on the Beach
Jack's Savagery
"eyes that in the frustration seemed bolting and nearly mad." (48)
"surge of blood" (49)
"dog-like" (48)
"track down and kill" (51)
"fierce, dirty face" (52)
Discussion:How does Jack differ from Ralph and Simon at this point in the novel?
Jack: Hunting
Ralph/Simon: Shelters
Only person helping Ralph w/ shelters is Simon
Simon: helpful, reliable
Conflict beginning to occur
between Jack and Ralph
Return of the Beast
"as if you're not hunting, but being hunted." (53)
Discussion: What is Jack's top priority? What does it take precedence over?
More concerned with hunting than being rescued (53-54)
"WE WANT MEAT." (54)
Description of Simon - bottom pg. 55
Finds fruit for littluns (56)
Jack (darkness) vs Simon (sunlight)
Description of mood/setting at end of chapter: What mood does this set? Any foreshadowing?
Dictatorship vs. Democracy
What evidence is there that Jack and Ralph are acting as these two governments?
Dem: Leader follows as well
Dic: Expects them to be followed
Dem: Want to follow
Dic: Forced to follow (via incentives)
Dem: Available to all
Dic: Availability only to leader
"Painted Faces and Long Hair"
Piggy "learnedly" recognizes this
Allegory in the cave?
Littluns live in a world of their own
Listen to the conch
Ralph = big, figure of authority, parent
Maurice throws sand in Percival's eyes
knows it's wrong, but there is no parent around to punish him
Roger throwing stones at Henry
Area around Henry "the taboo of old life" (62)
invisible, yet strong
Jack's Mask
"darker shadow crept beneath the swarthiness of his skin" (62)
coconut masks = turns into an animal
evidence of this? (pg 64 )
"liberated from shame and self-consciousness" (64)
"the mask compelled them" (64)
Piggy's focus remains on logical, practical things
clocks for time
Piggy is only boy whose hair is not growing
The Fire
Fire was let go by Jack, hunters
Missed the ship because the fire was out
"Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood."
The Fire can symbolize two things: Hope and chaos
examples for each?
Other symbols that do the same thing?
**Fire also acts as an symbol for the boys' desire to maintain ties w/ civilization
The fight/breaking of Piggy's specs
Shift of liking Jack > Ralph
New pile of wood created for fire (pg 75)
Discussion: What is interesting about the way this scene is described? (pg 75)
A division has been created among the boys
Jack has earned respect for finding meat, chapter ends with Ralph trying to gain order
Discussion: What is significant about the quote, " Round the squatting child was the protection of parents and schools and policemen and the law"?
Why does Jack say he puts on a mask?
apology for the fire, not for striking piggy
How is this fight different from previous interactions between Jack and piggy?
WOD2 (Copy the following prompt:) What could be the underlying reason that Jack wears a mask? Support your answer with evidence. 3-4 sentences
(pg 62-64)
In-class work:
1) Create a mask containing colors, shapes, and other symbols that allow you to attain a certain personality
2) 1 paragraph (7-9 sentences) on back of page explaining the structure of your mask and its meaning

Beast from water
Ralph's demeanor has changed since chapter 1
"understands wearisome of his life" (76)
"this meeting must not be fun, but about business" (76)
Mood is solemn and depressing at start of chapter 5
Ralph chastises the group for their lack of work, priorities
Ralph's words are met w/ murmurs, sighs
Discussion: what does ralph say about piggy in this chapter?
he acknowledges his ability to think
"he could go step by step inside that fat head of his, but piggy was no chief." (78)
"Ralph is a specialist in thought now, and could recognize it in others." (78)
Discussion among boys
over the Beastie
Ralph: equates it to nightmares
Jack: agrees, calls everyone babies
Piggy: says there's no beast to fear...
unless we're frightened of people***
Littluns confuse Simon for the beastie at night
****"Maybe there is a beast...maybe it's only us." (89)
Littluns claim the beastie emerges from the water
= emergence from their minds
Discussion: Using simon's quote, What could the beast be symbolic of?
Jack, other boys run from the assembly refusing to listen to ralph
Ralph decides not to blow the conch --why? (2 possibilities)
"The Rules! The Rules! You're breaking the rules!"
"Bullocks to the rules! We're strong! We hunt!"
Discuss this quote: "Grownups know things...They'd meet and have tea and discuss...it'd be all right." (94) is piggy right?
Beast from Air
Seen by the twins (looking out
for the fire) and mistaken
for the beast
Reminder of war going on
outside of the island
Choice for savagery & chaos rather than peace & order
Jack is excited for the hunt of the beast, mocks Ralph in front of others
"Frightened?" (100)
"We don't need the conch anymore...it's time some people knew to be quiet, leave the deciding to the rest of us." (102)
Ralph doesn't blow the conch to call assembly
doesn't want to alert the beast, doubts of its existence
Surprise level of companionship between Ralph and Jack hunting for the beastie
""Couldn't let you do it on your own" (102)
Ralph continues to lose leadership,
which is gained by Jack
Piggy and the littluns remain behind during the hunt
"The beast might be on the other side. You can lead again. You've been." (108)
Ralph gives into hunt for the beast
to hang onto his leadership
Discussion: What is interesting about the society that taught the boys order and civilization?
Ch 7
Shadows and Tall Trees
Appearance of the boys
Jack's hair is growing longer, starting
to bite his finger nails
Description of the boys
and their filth
"with the fall
of the heart these
conditions he took
as normal now" (110)
Discussion: What influence does setting/mood
have on this chapter? (page 110-111!!!!)
one side of island vs. the other
on one side you dream of rescue
on the other side you lose all hope
Ralph is beginning to lose hope
Ralph hits the boar with his spear -- what does this reveal??
Mock pig hunt with Robert
Jack orders ring around Robert
Becomes physical "Ow! Stop! You're hurting!"
"Kill him!"
What surprising occurrence happens here?
"sudden thick excitement"
"get a handful of
that brown flesh"
Contrast between Ralph w/ Simon
and Ralph w/ Jack
Exchange between Robert and Jack (pg 115)
How do you feel about Robert
as a character?
Chapter 8
Gift for the Darkness
Ralph and Jack return, telling others
that they saw the beast
Ralph insults Jacks, calls the
hunters "boys with sticks"
Jack makes a move to become the new leader. How do the boys
Ralph, Piggy talk
during the meeting
can make good decisions w/o Jack
Piggy is feeding Ralph lines for his speech
Piggy is proud of his contribution for fire idea
Simon goes to the mountain-top alone
Jack claims he is no
longer hunting the beast
Discussion: What is
Jack's plan to become Chief?
Which pig do the boys target
in the woods? Why is this an interesting
short-sighted choice?
mother sow is defenseless, looking
after the little pigs
mother pig is fattest, but can nurse and create
more pigs
What does roger do? How do the other boys react?
What do you think of Roger as a character?
Boys show extreme violence
and lack of respect for a
living thing
Jack sticks head of pig on a stick,
leaves it for the beast
Discussion: What is the significance of the
Conversation with the lord of the flies?
Chapter 9
Simon awakes, finds the "beast" aka the parachuter
A View of Death
"what else is there
to do?"
Simon decides to
go tell the boys
what he has found
Jack's Party
Discussion: In what ways has Jack turned himself into a god?
Sitting on a great log
Painted and garlanded
"Like an idol"
offers food/drink to boys
"The fairest of them all"
Jack demand that the others join
his tribe.
Ralph attempts to stand up
for himself here. What does he say?
What does Jack say to this?
Piggy suggests they
get out before something
bad happens
Ralph says he's the
original leader, but stumbles
through his speech
No one believes
He wants to blow
the conch, but Jack
says no one will listen
"Kill the BEAST! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!
Simon enters the beach, crying
about a "dead man on a hill."
How are the boys acting as
Simon approaches them?
(Page 152 )
"There were no words and no movements
but the tearing of teeth and claws."
Wind picks up, blows the parachuter
into the ocean as he floats away
Rain picks up and floats
Simon's body out to sea
Which characters took
part in murdering simon?
any more religious symbols?
Chapter 10
The Shell and the Glasses
Piggy and Ralph discussing on the beach
Ralph laughing at the
idea of calling the conch,
him being chief
Discussion of Simon's murder: What does Ralph think about it? What does Piggy?
Ralph cannot get over what they..."we did."
Begin trying to convince
themselves that they didn't take part
"we was on the outside
of the circle"
"we left early"
Discussion: How is Jack
now referred to in
the book?
Robert and Roger agree
that Jack is a REAL chief
takes them hunting
What is Jack doing to Wilfred? Why is
this significant?
"'Tomorrow,' went on the chief, 'we shall hunt again.'"
Piggy wants to build a radio
displaying his intellect, desire
for technology
Who are "the Reds"? Why would Eric prefer to be captured by them?
"Ralph tried indignantly to remember. There was something good about a fire. Something overwhelmingly good."
Island/Beast overtaking
his thoughts, reminded by
Piggy (of course)
Sam and Eric begin
fighting with each other
- why is this important?
Nighttime approaches and Jack's group appears. What happens? (pg 167)
Glasses are taken...for what purpose?
Discussion: Why is the conch shell
referred to as "the shell"
in the title?
Chapter 11
Castle Rock
Piggy wants to get his glasses back. "It's the right and reasonable thing to do."
Why are they bringing the conch with them?
Ralph, Sam, and Eric lead the way
to Jack's tribe. Where is piggy? Why?
Ralph demands that
Jack give back the glasses,
But Jack refuses
What does Ralph call Jack
that starts a fight between
both groups?
"You let me carry the conch
Ralph. I'll show him the one
thing he hasn't got."
What is interesting
about the way they are
using the spears? Why
could this be?
"Young Simon was murdered. And there was that other kid what had a mark on his face. Who's seen him since we first come here?"
Sam and Eric are
tied up by the tribe,

Piggy shouts to demand attention
while holding the conch. Do they listen?
"Which is better- to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill?"
Who pushes the rock?
"with a sense of deliberate abandonment"
the conch explodes
into a thousand pieces
Piggy falls, hits the
rocks on the ocean
"like a pig after
it has been killed."
Chapter 12
For the first time
Ralph is truly alone
Cry of the Hunters
"The deaths of Piggy and Simon
lay over the island like a vapor"
"No. They're not as
bad as that. It was an
Discussion: Why is Ralph trying
to convince himself that Piggy's death
was an accident?
Ralph meets the Lord of the Flies
.....or what is left of it
How does the pig's head
appear when Ralph
sees it?
"as white as ever
the conch had done"
Ralph breaks the skull.
When he does what happens?
Ralph grabs the spear,
heads toward Jack
Extremely lonely, wants to pretend
none of this ever happened
Sam and Eric
What is the plan in the morning?
HOw is Ralph drawn out of the Woods?
"Roger sharpened a stick at
both ends" What does this mean?
The Naval Officer
"Fun and games"
Think a bunch of British boys
could handle themselves better.
Ralph cries, has to
WOD2 (Copy the following directions):

Making a T-chart, provide examples of how Ralph represents a democracy and Jack represents a dictatorship
Ralph (dem.)
Jack (dict.)
- In-depth explanation of mask
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