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future plans

caroline ragon

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Multimedia

My Summer Plans!!!!!!! After school lets out, I plan to Go to Floridia with 3 of my best friends! Then, I am coming home to take an ACT prep course of 5 weeks Next, I will go to Younglife camp After that, I am going to visit University of Tulsa with a friend! Then, I may be going to Dallas with her to see her family. At some point, I will go to see my sister and best friend in Mississippi! Eventually, I will return to Little Rock for yearbook camp
in North Carolina! I'm not going to Nebraska... Or Montana. I've always wanted to go to Maine, but I dont have time... because I have to make a Prezi! but then I have to go back to school.... where I will day dream about traveling the world :)
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