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Video Game Design

No description

April Shipwash

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Video Game Design

Engine Programmer
Video Game Design

Game Programming Careers
Blake Loan
- One of the most complicated parts of video game development.
- Roles and titles now highly specialized and diversified.
- Deliver movie-like gaming experiences.
- Designs the base engine the games run on.
- Familiar with physics and graphics.
- Usually has experience in other roles to qualify for the job.

- Skilled in 3D modeling, special effects, and graphic optimization.

- To be able to handle the job, they excel in advanced mathematics.
Graphics Programmer
- Develop the artificial intelligence for game and enemies.

- Expanding job due to advanced gaming.
AI Programmers
- Who make online gaming possible.

- Establishes network securities.

- Now a high demand job due to the popularity of online multiplayer in recent years.
Network Programmers
Lead Programmers
- Overseer of advanced programming tasks and management.

- Experience in multiple programming areas.

- Makes important design and tech decisions.
Careers in Desigining
There are many different careers in the entire field, other than the few specific positions I will go over here in a minute.
Most of the time, one person can (and does) work in more than one department, even in the biggest of production studios.
- Designers create highly detailed documents containing a blueprint of all aspects of the game.
- Game designers keep the rest of the development staff up to date.
- Often incorporate the tester's feedback into design decisions.
Game Designer
Mechanics Designer
-Design rules for the gameplay.
- They are also known as systems designers.
-Specialize in programming and coding.
Level Designer
- Design levels, missions, and environments.
- Place elements of terrain designed by the environment artists.
(environment artists design specific objects for the game)
- Tasked with writing the game's story.
- Character dialogue, cut scene or narration text, game tips, and menu text.
- Writers don't always work full-time.
-Easier to get this job if you speak more than one language fluently (for porting games to different countries
Lead Designer
- Lead designers have years of experience in all aspects of game design.

- Lead a team of game designers.

- Gets the final say on all major design choices.

- Sometimes credited with the game itself.

- Reveals the game at trade shows and answer media questions.
Careers in video game art design
- Exceptional opportunities for artists.
- Creative freedom
- Variety of work in both 2D and 3D.
Concept Artists
- Highly proficient in traditional hand-drawn arts and 2D software.

- Responsible for the look and feel of the game.

- They work closely with the art director to maintain consistency in visual style.

- Designs 3D models for characters, creatures.

- use their extensive knowledge of anatomy for humans and animals in their work.
Environment Artist
- Sculpt the game world environment.

- Create 3D terrain features, landscapes architecture and objects.
Texture Artists
- Create textures and skins.
- Modeling is sometimes handled by the same artists.
Art Director
- The highest rank art job.

- Art directors served in a variety of other artist roles.

- Manages all areas of the art team.

- They decide the art style and feeling.

- Most of their time is spent managing, and directing tasks.
My Mentor
I chose Jon Casteel as my mentor because
I've taken all the classes possible that he teaches over the past 4 years, and we're pretty close as far as a student/teacher relationship would go. He's knowledgeable in his field. I approached him with the idea of my product, and he was instantly intrigued, and was eager to take on the project.
one of the main backbones that turn
<--this into that-->
codes a program of it's own, makes it where things like this--------->
can be created
Who Am I?
- avid gamer since childhood
- class clown
- hard-working on things I'm interested in
- genuinely excited about game design
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