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Sociology in a photo

No description

Robert Brunner

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Sociology in a photo

Material Culture Cars show how we are a material culture our dependence on them for transportation ex: parking lots, taxs, jobs, roads and, phrases we judge people’s societal worth on the car they drive we have adapted are society around them Sociology In A Photo
Robert Brunner Non-Material Culture Hand Gestures non-verbal communication we use them as a way to express are feeling towards others represents how we place meaning on acts and gestures we develop social norms around them Subcultures the gay community has developed its own norms and values. given representation and meaning to symbols that have carried over to the main stream the gay community has its own Subcualtures Feeling Rules two people of the same sex are not suposed to have intiment feelings for each other and there for souldnt kiss each other with that intention but people seem to find that when its of two women its amost ok the rules that society places on how we are suppose to express are feelings with other people Gender Polarization The way life is organized around the male female distinction and your experinces are suppose to relate to that gender we see that people dont have to fall in to these 2 categories some times men can act as women but in the us we still have trouble processing this Primary Groups a social group whose members share a common identity and have a face to face contact with strong emotional bonds they act as socializing agents Common Ground acts as a primary group because the members all share a common intrest in the queer community. Gender Schematic Decisions influenced by societys polarized definitions of masculinity and femininity the way that she is dressed in is photo helps to represent how societys definitions can influince your dicisions bureaucracy a completely ratioanal organization that uses the most efficient means to achive a goal Catholicism is a prime example in fact its model fondation as a bureaucracy is still used in countless companys across the world. Robert K. Mertons Deviance Typology
conformity accepting cultural and institutionalised means my room mate who is doing her home work is conrorming to what both the comunity and the university expets of her Claimsmakers people who articulate and promote claims. the us government makes claims of deviance every day with its punishments and disistions inthe laws that it writes
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