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Valdivian Rainforest of Argentina

No description

Jasmine Brown

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of Valdivian Rainforest of Argentina





Chusquea quila is a bamboo that grows in humid areas below 500 m. Chusquea quila can form pure stands called quilantales. Very few plants can grow under this species. Other notable species are the nalca or Chilean rhubarb and the ferns Lophosoria quadripinnata and Blechnum chilense. Chile's national flower, the copihue (Lapageria rosea) is a pioneer species that grows in disturbed areas of the Valdivian rain forest.
Intensive logging and conversion of forests to timber plantations are the major threats to this region. A Chilean forestry company is responsible for 1 of the most devastating examples of forest destruction: In converting rain forest to eucalyptus plantations, the company has already destroyed extensive portions of these fragile forests in violation of Chilean law.
Donate money to help save and fix the rainforest.
Stop companies from cutting down trees.
Save the animals and provide homes and habitats for them.
Valdivian Rainforest
The Valdivian forests of Argentina and Chile are the only temperate rainforests in South America


Some of the threatened mammals of the Valdivian forests include the monito del monte, an arboreal marsupial, the southern pudú the world's smallest deer, and the kodkod, South America's smallest cat. Since the beginning of the 20th century, there have also been nonnative wild boars living in the Valdivian forests. Hummingbirds are common on Valdivian forests.
Argentina National Anthem
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