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Associational Form In Experimental Films

No description

Lacey Miller

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of Associational Form In Experimental Films

Associational Form in Experimental Films Many experimental films draw on a poetic series of transitions that create the term associational form
Associational formal systems suggest ideas and expressive qualities by grouping images that may not have any immediate logical connection
But the very fact that the images and sounds are juxtaposed prods us to look for some connection.-- an association that binds them together. Associational Form Godfrey Reggio’s Koyaanisqatsi is an example of associational form.
The film is built out of shots of widely different things--airplanes and buttes, subways and clouds, rockets and pedestrians. At one point, rows of frankfurters are pumped out of a machine and fed onto an assembly line. Reggio then cuts to fast-motion shots of commuters riding escalators. Koyaanisqatsi The process is somewhat comparable to the techniques of metaphor and simile used in lyric poetry. For example when the poet Robert Burns says “ My love is like a red, red rose,” we look for possible conceptual links. A similar process goes on in associational films. Here the imagery and the metaphorical connections that poetry conveys through language are presented in a more direct fashion. A filmmaker could film a woman he loved in a garden and suggest by a visual juxtaposition that she is like the flowers that surround her. Some critics would consider associational form the closest that cinema can come to lyric poetry.
The imagery used in associational form may range from the conventional to strikingly original, and the conceptual connections can be readily apparent or downright mystifying Techniques of Metaphor and Simile Associational form can be small or large scale
Understanding associational films form by noticing that it usually accords with a few general principles.

1. The filmmaker typically groups images together in larger sets, each of which creates a distinct, unified part of the film. Each group of images can then contrast with other group of images.
2. The film uses repeated motifs to reinforce associational connections
3. Associational form strongly invites interpretation , the assigning of general meanings to film as in the environmentalist implications of Koyaanisqatsi. Principles Example : A Movie http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/3-9tCeFX0Eo/ Bruce Conner's film illustrates how associational form can confront us with evocative and mysterious juxtapositions, yet can at the same time create a coherent film that has an intense impact on the viewer.
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