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How Private are your Posts?

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Laine Eichenlaub

on 15 February 2016

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Transcript of How Private are your Posts?

How private are your posts on social media

Laine Eichelaub
Privacy is paramount for your safety online. As young adults, knowing what not to post, where not to post it, and how to ensure only your friends are viewing what you want to be seen and not strangers online is vital.
Do you know your privacy settings?
Who's looking at your feed?
Take a moment to log into your social media accounts on your smartphone or classroom computer (ex. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Go to your privacy settings and snoop around

How many settings were set to "public" or "global" and you didn't realize it until now?
Group Activity
Post to Be Private, Netsmartz
With a partner, discuss these questions:

1. What do you think about before you post personal information?
2. Is it ever ok to post things globally?
3. What are the most important things to you to keep private?

Write a few sentances about your partner's opinion to share with the class
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