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Intended vs. Implemented vs. Achieved Curriculum

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maryjoy de Guzman

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Intended vs. Implemented vs. Achieved Curriculum

Intended vs. Implemented vs. Achieved Curriculum
Step 2
Step 3
The Way out
Purpose of curriculum assessment
Curriculum assessment is a process of collecting information for use in evaluation. It is an important part of the systems approach to curriculum development.
Three Kinds Of Curriculum
Intended curriculum –
refers to a set of objectives set at the beginning of any curricular plan . it establishes the goal, the specific purposes , and the immediate objectives to be accomplished. The intended curriculum answer what the curriculum makers wants to do.
Implemented curriculum –

refers to the various learning activities or experiences of the students in to achieve the intended curricular outcomes. Many times in our curriculum, lots of activities are done but these do not accomplish the stated activities.
Achieved Curriculum-
refers to the curriculum outcomes based on the first two types of curriculum, the intended and the implemented . The achieved curriculum is now considered the product . it can be the learning outcomes, or a material product itself, like a book, module or instructional materials.

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