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8 Week Pre-sessionals 2014 Project

No description

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of 8 Week Pre-sessionals 2014 Project

8 Week Pre-sessionals 2014 Project
Research Methodology
Designing Questions
Clear objectives for questions

Open: "What do you think about public transport in York?"

Closed: "Do you use public transport to get to work?"
Aims of the Project
to give you an experience of primary research
to offer you an opportunity to interact with local people
to enable you to develop local knowledge
to offer you the opportunity to develop presentation skills necessary for the final oral assessment

Project Phases
Background Research and Planning
Research Tool Design and Piloting
Data Collection
Data Analysis
Draw Conclusions
Present project

Generates statistics
Through large scale survey research
Good and Bad Questions
Have you ever
been to the
Shell theatre?
If I learned more English it could help in my work. Yes/ No
Try to remember the last time you spoke to an English man. (or woman of course). What did you do when you found you could not communicate to him or her exactly what you intended, even if it was not absolutely important? If you cannot remember, try to imagine what you would do in such a situation.
To what extent do you agree with the statement: "The City of York Council needs to invest in improving the public transport system in the city."
a) I strongly agree
b) I agree to some extent
c) I have no opinion on this matter
d) I disagree to some extent
e) I strongly disagree

Are you a York resident?

a) Yes
b) No
What do you know about the Rowntree family?
Project Titles
General and Lower Level Pre-Sessionals
ELT 8 Week Pre-Sessional
Some things to remember
You should be genuinely interested in the problem It should be worthwhile investigating
The information you need should be accessible
You should limit the aims to ones that can be realistically achieved, given the time and resources available

What/How much do local people know about the Rowntree Family Legacy?

Seebohm Rowntree saw York as being a city that represented Britain. Do local people believe that this is the case today?

Seebohm Rowntree defined what being poor meant in his period in history. What do local people believe the definition of poverty to be today?

Chocolate Lecture Related Puzzles
General and Lower Level Pre-Sessionals
What is the history behind the street names in York?

What are some of York’s most favourite medieval buildings?

What were the guilds? Did they prevent or encourage capitalism?

Medieval York Lecture Related Puzzles
Which idiomatic expressions are commonly used by local people?

Which slang words are most commonly used by local people?

Which topics are considered appropriate for opening conversations?

Which Yorkshire dialect expressions are most commonly used in this part of Yorkshire?

What typifies the Yorkshire accent/dialect according to local people?

ELT Puzzles
Philosophy behind research

General principles that will guide research
Difference between Qualitative and Quantitative research
it attempts to get to the in depth opinion from the participant
Focussing on individuals
Few participants are involved

Involvement is longer
You can understand the complexity of an indiviudal
structured interviews
reaches many more people than qualitative research
contact with participants is quick
Qualitative Vs Quantitative Inquiry
For many years there has been complex discussion on this topic
Which is "better"?
Which is more "scientific"?
Strengths and Weaknesses
Which is best for you and your project?
Choosing Research Methods
Background Research
Once you've chosen your research topic the first thing to do is background research
This is where you need to read

Collecting and Analysing Data
Street Survey

What's interesting in the data you found?
How does the data relate to your reading earlier?
Did you you find what you expected?
Did you do anything wrong?
What did you learn?
Presenting Results
Group Presentation
Groups of no more than 3 are best
Presentations should be around 15 mins per group
Projects will be around 2 topics ofr General and Lower Level Pre-sessionals
Medieval York
Projects for ELT Pre-sessional will be on a language topic
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