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Direct Method

No description

Juan Jimenez

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Direct Method

I can write, you see? But I can't speak!!!! Ok, I'll help you, but please do not yell. You're killing me! Ooops! Sorry, it's not you. It's Frankestein who's killing me!! You don't know how to speak because you are only taking grammar classes with this very serious lady. That doesn't help. I mean the classes not the lady. France and Germany 1900's DIRECT METHOD The GOAL is to learn how to use a foreign language to communicate. PRINCIPLES
- Translation is completely banished
- Writing and Reading are taught from the
beginning but through practice with speaking
- Also Pronunciation should be worked on right
from the beginning
- Grammar is taught inductively (students
fill in the blanks with grammar forms practiced
in the lessons)
- Objects (realia, pictures) present in the
immediate classroom environment
- Teacher should demonstrate not explain or
- Learning another language also involves
learning how speakers of that language live
(behavior and cultural values) The Grammar
Translation Method Laura TECHNIQUES
- Reading Aloud Teacher makes sure students understand Question and Answer Exercise In full sentences with new words and grammar structures Getting Students to Self-correct "I have be running for two hours now" "After two hours, I'm still running" OR "I wanted to go home early last night, but I never see you" "I wanted to go home early last night, but I never see you?" Conversation Practice Students must understand questions to be able to answer correctly With particular grammar structure, students ask each other their own Fill-in-the-blank Exercise Induce grammar from examples and practice No explicit grammar rule would be applied DICTATION Reads the passage at a normal speed (listen)
Reads it phrase by phrase (write down)
Reads it at normal speed (check their work) Florida Washington Canada Pacific Ocean To give students listening comprehension practice Students should be able to label the map if they follow instructions correctly Paragraph Writing Students write paragraphs in their own words
They can do it from memory or using a reading
passage in the lesson MAP DRAWING Thank you Juan, I can now SPEAK English!!! Laura Students take turns reading a passage out loud
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