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QU 101

No description

Erin Kane

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of QU 101

Who has more influence, the individual or the community?
The Community
Emma Watson
Her speech about feminism gave a new perspective of what was happening
She went against social norms
Against the grain
She didn't let society's opinion keep her from saying what she wanted to
Adolf Hitler
Weak community after World War 1 called for a new leader
Hitler was a powerful and persuasive speaker who attracted a wide following
Hitler gained power by election he sought the public's support by promising them its former glory and much needed aid, and he delivered on his promises.
Started his own community of followers
2.3 billion believers/followers in 2014, 2000 years after he started it
Inspires positive change to the individuals that follow him
QU 101
While the Community normally has more influence than the individual, there are rare cases where the individual has more influence.
Mahatma Gandhi
Led India to independence
Inspired movement for civil rights and freedom across the world
Nonviolent approach
Peaceful noncooperation (uphold Indian values and refusal to support British businesses and customs)
Social Media: NOH8 Campaign
The mission of the NOH8 campaign is promoting marriage, gender and human equality. Both LGBT and non-LGBT people have participated in the photoshoots. The supporters of the campaign have formed a nurturing community. Because some people have experienced oppression and discrimination that's how the campaign was formed. This campaign has given individuals a voice to agree or disagree in a dispute. Campaigns such as NOH8 have lead the legalization of same sex marriage in several states.
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