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What is Local Government? v3

No description

Claire Kueh

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of What is Local Government? v3

Different tiers / levels of local government What IS Local
Government? Conclusion Did I mention that local government is fab? And one more thing... Local Government is complicated... but FAB - There are 400 local councils in England and Wales
_ There are over 10,000 town, parish and community councils
_ Local councils spend over £70 billion a year
_ Local government employs over 2 million people working in around 700 different functions
_ There are over 20,000 democratically elected local councillors in England and Wales Leader and Cabinet Executive Answers on a postcard How does local government work? Local Authority Structure ::
How does the Council make decisions? Working with other groups The Changing Landscape Unitary Authorities e.g. Peterborough RESPONSIBLE FOR:
everything mentioned
above What does central government say? “Over time central government has become too big, too interfering, too controlling and too bureaucratic. This has undermined local democracy and individual responsibility, and stifled innovation and enterprise within public services.
We want to see a radical shift in the balance of power and to decentralise power as far as possible.

Localism isn't simply about giving power back to local government. This Government trusts people to take charge of their lives and we will push power downwards and outwards to the lowest possible level, including individuals, neighbourhoods, professionals and communities as well as local councils and other local institutions.” Localism Act 2011 • Community rights
• Neighbourhood planning
• Housing
• General power of competence
• Empowering cities and other local areas = MORE POWER FOR
LOCAL GOVERNMENT?? member locality budgets highways locality budgets ‘To shift power from the state (in the form of the County Council and its local partners) to individuals and families, both personally and also in geographic localities in which they live. It seeks to position councillors as an indispensable resource within active communities. It aims to ensure that residents are suitably informed to allow them to influence and shape local services and take a more active part in helping them help themselves.' HCC'S Localism Vision £10,000 per member to help the community £90,000 per member to make decisions about highways based on what the community want Leader Cabinet Executive Main decision making body
A select group of councillors
Reflects political balance of council
Councillors have responsibilities for different priorities – portfolio holders
They recommend a budget for each year portfolio holder
for planning and
conservation portfolio holder for
children's services Overview and Scrutiny All of the other councillors not in the cabinet
They scrutinise and oversee decisions made by the cabinet How many local councils are there in England and Wales?
How many town, parish and community councils are there?
How much do local councils spend per year?
How many people does local government employ, and in how many different functions?
How many democratically elected local councillors are there in England and Wales? Quick Quiz What am I going to talk about? Local Area

Area Assessment CHANGE Local Enterprise
Partnership Health and Wellbeing
Board Locally owned partnership
between local authority
and businesses play a central role in determining
local economic priorities undertake activities to drive economic growth and the creation of local jobs A local strategic partnership
Brings together key agencies who want to improve quality of life and well being in Hertfordshire
Examples of private sector representatives involved include the managing director of warner bros studios and the director of GSK amongst others, Transfer of public health OUTSOURCE
COMMISSIONING How are Councils Funded? 25% from council tax

rest comes from central government grants & charges for local services NB, there are other models too in use e.g. committee system and mayoral model.... Democratically elected
Make decisions about local services on behalf of their community
Act as advocates for people in their area
Agree budget, decide the direction that the council will go in
77 county councillors at HCC
Leader of HCC is Rob Gordon Different roles in local government RESPONSIBLE FOR:
everything mentioned
above Hertfordshire County Council employs around 20,000 officers
Roles include teachers, lawyers, accountants, refuse collectors, planners, drivers, engineers and social workers.
Officers are responsible for effective service delivery
Serve whole Council, not just majority group of councillors Unitary Authorities Role of Councillors Role of Officers Councillors Officers 10 District Councils 1 County Council 124 Parish Councils RESPONSIBLE FOR: education, planning (strategic & transport), passenger transport, highways, fire, social services, libraries, waste disposal RESPONSIBLE FOR:
housing, planning applications, leisure and recreation, waste collection, environmental health, revenue collection What do the different "tiers" of local government do? So what (on earth) does local government do....? Different "tiers" are responsible for different things County Councils District Councils Parish Councils The "Big Society"?? Localism in Hertfordshire = central gov is too big and all powerful = we need to decentralise power = but power should go to communities and individuals rather than local government Impact of recession what does local government do?
how does local government work?
how does a council make decisions?
the changing landscape
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