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Clifton Charles Partners with Breastcancer.org

Show You Care with the Clothes You Wear Campaign

Tiffany Hodges

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Clifton Charles Partners with Breastcancer.org

Press Release Show You Care with
the Clothes You Wear Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October 2012 Clifton Charles Breastcancer.org About Us About Us Contact Us Wear your cause on your cuff. Clifton C. Berry, Co-founder
of Clifton Charles, and Dr. Marisa
Weiss, Founder and President of
Breastcancer.org Are you a breast man? Breastcancer.org (BCO) is a non-profit entity that provides comprehensive, medically reviewed information and a vibrant peer-support community to all those affected by breast cancer. Clifton Charles is a custom suit and shirt company with a passion for outfitting gentlemen in perfectly tailored apparel. The men’s clothier provides services that leverage the best in technology, premium fabrics, trusted advice and unparalleled customer service while instilling confidence in and encouraging individuality of its clients. The company is passionate about the breast cancer awareness movement and has a deep respect for their new partner, Breastcancer.org. For more information on
this campaign, please contact:
Tiffany Hodges
www.cliftoncharles.com Our Website Our Logo Press
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