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interesting facts in scientific notation .

No description

Elise Hill

on 21 September 2016

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Transcript of interesting facts in scientific notation .

Related Occupations
Forensic Science Career Research Project
Video on Forensic Psychologists
By: Elise H and Kim W

Forensic Psychologists
Job Description
Forensic Psychologists:
Apply psychology to the criminal justice system
Assess the defender's state of mind at time of defense
Evaluate child custody in divorce
Advise police on mental illness and
Consult with attorneys on mental health issues in the court system
Work with at-risk populations (trauma survivors)
Design correctional programs
Employment Opportunities & Trends
The average Salary is $59,440-$64,140 per year
Employment Outlook
Work Environment
Training and Educational Requirements
Opportunities for advancement
Conduct research at an institution or university on topics about the legal system
Provide counseling and treatment to criminals in prisons/mental health centers
Become a professor
Depending on the need for service, forensic psychologists can advance in their field quickly.
Help people
Challenging and stimulating field
Individual hours (private practice)
Pays well for experts
Risk of harm
Educational Requirements
A bachelor's degree at minimum
Classes such as criminology, research methods in criminal justice, and psychology electives
Extensive study and many years of experience
Residency training program (3yrs)
Jury Consultant
Research Assistant
Mental Health Practitioner
The U.s Department's Bureau of Labor d Statistics expects jobs to increase in this field 12% by between and 2018. This field has a high job outlook because of the diversity it offers.
Correctional facilities
Law & Police offices
Private Practices
Max Wachtel
Graduated from the university of Denver with a doctorate in counseling psychology
Author of "The One Rule for Boys"
Television psychologist on 9NEWS in Denver
Teaches ethical and legal issues in psychology at the University of Denver
Formally worked with State District Court, Federal Court, and Military Court Martials in consultation.
"Forensic Psychology Job Outlook - Forensic Psychology Online.'' Forensic Psychology Online. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Sept. 2016
Rufener, By Brenda. "The 30 Most Influential Forensic Psychologists Working Today." Emergency Management Degree Program Guide. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Sept.
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