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Strategic Audit: Microsoft Xbox

No description

Ghadeer Saleh

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Strategic Audit: Microsoft Xbox

IFAS Recommendations Industry EFAS Strategic Audit: Microsoft Xbox SWOT Internal Factors External Factors Farah K., Ghadeer A., Israa D., Naveed N., Zamantha Z. Strengths Weaknesses Threats >Market expansion and diversification

>Customer new prefrences

>New technologies Opportunities Digital video games Sales (Up 31 %, 2011)

>Casual games

>Video games

Mobile Games ($8 billion, 2012)

>“Smartphone” Gamers (33 %)

>“Handheld device” Gamers (25%) Mobile Gaming Industry Competitors: New Platforms Hardware

Non-Hardware platforms
>Virtual Machine (Java or Flash)
>Software platforms (Facebook) Consoles Sales (Down 21%, 2012) SFAS -Incremental operating costs
-Dependancy on distribution channel_retailers
-Dependancy on outside hardware manufacturer
-Emphasis in Kinect -Brand image
-Two price levels
-Online interaction
-R&D investment >Mobile Gaming Industry

>Current Competitors

>Illegal Downloading

>Economy Downturn -Unauthorized downloading games
-Download games illegal from P2P Illegal Downloading > Electronic gaming devices

> Software

> Accessories The video gaming industry > Hardware

> Software

> Infrastructure and technology sector The video gaming industry > 1975 >> Microsoft
> 2001- 2002 >> Xbox video game console
> The sixth generation video game > Xbox console
> Xbox Live
> Xbox 360 console
> Kinect
> Accessories

For gaming, Xbox has the third-party games and apps publishers of their games Revenue dropped 29% in 2012 Products
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