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Cars or motorbikes?

This prezi will show you the advantages & disadvantages of owning a car or a bike. You will know which one to buy!

Sebastian Echeverri Echeverry

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Cars or motorbikes?

Advantages Ease of transportation ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES Should I buy a motorcycle
or a car? By Sebastian Echeverri Echeverry OWNING A CAR OWNING A MOTORBIKE Car VS Motorcycle In a car you can Image retrieved from http://goo.gl/T1Nji Image took from http://goo.gl/vsfNq - Ease of transportation
- Families can go out together
- Fast commute from one place to another
- Advantage to old and sick people There are no seat belts or airbags on a motorcycle to keep you safe in the event of a crash Safety Availability for only two people taken from http://goo.gl/kzrRU retrieved from http://goo.gl/kzrR You can't ride a bike during the rain it's fairly unsafe as the roads become slick and visibility is worse Weather Fuel is cheaper You move faster in the traffic Thank you for your attention
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