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Beauty pageants do more harm than good.

beauty pageant discouraging kids

Grace Bartlett

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Beauty pageants do more harm than good.

Beauty Pageants Do More
Harm Than Good The Competition is making the kids discouraged. Education These are children that are relatively new to
school education do to their age, required by law to receive education,still impressionable by their parents. Some mothers lie about their child's age so the child
can appear more mature. Credits: 1.http://www.Minorcon.org/pageants.html

2.http://www.foxnews.com/pageants Cost And Time The minimum average cost is 1500 $ Different performances for every pageant
requires some participants to practice
7 hrs a week. Pageants discouraging
Them Their moms are making their kids believe that all that matters are crowns how beautiful they are and winning. Kids are getting disappointed when their moms are discourage them about when they lose pageants Pressuring them parents say that competition is essential for their child to become successful. Melanie Vazquez BY: Grace Bartlett
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