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Go Greek Orientation Sessions_FINAL

No description

Savannah Bell

on 15 September 2011

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Transcript of Go Greek Orientation Sessions_FINAL

University of Cincinnati Fraternity and Sorority Life Academic Excellence Life Long Friends Philanthropy Leadership Why Go Greek? In 2011, the All-Greek GPA was a 3.141, significantly higher then the All-University average
Last year, over $100,000 in merit and need-based scholarships was awarded to UC Greeks
In fall 2010:
- 596 (35%) of UC Greeks made the Dean's List
- 406 (23%) of UC Greeks achieved a 3.6 or higher
- 93 (5%) of UC Greeks achieved a 4.0 GPA
- 392 (59%) new members achieved a 3.0 GPA or higher
All chapters at UC offer academic programs and support Greek life provides the unique opportunity to learn and grow as a person through hands on leadership opportunities
Chapters provide the opportunity for leadership through local and national leadership retreats, mentor programs, and unique leadership training programs.
63% of UC Greeks are involved in one or more campus or community organizations and hold over 600 leadership positions
Since 2003, the UC Student Body President or Vice President (many times both) has been a UC Greek.
Since its Inagural Year, in 2002, nearly half of the Presedential Leadership Medal of Excellence (PLME) Recipients have been Greek. Come to our Info Sessions Fraternity and Sorority Life
Information Sessions How to Go Greek!
September 21st: 6-7 PM, TUC 400B
September 27th: 1-2 PM, MainStreet Cinema
September 28th: 6-7 PM, TUC 400B
October 5th: 1-2 PM, MainStreet Cinema
Fraternity Recruitment Session
September 22nd: 1-2 PM, MainStreet Cinema
September 29th: 6-7 PM, MainStreet Cinema
Sorority Recruitment Session
September 22nd: 2-3 PM, MainStreet Cinema
September 29th: 7-8 PM, MainStreet Cinema
October 6th: 1-2 PM MainStreet Cinema
Sorority Meet the Chapters
October 12th: 6-9 PM, TUC Atrium
NPHC Meet the Greeks
October 25th: 7-9 PM, Linder Center 450 In 2011, UC Greek Week raised $53,404 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, granting over 8 children's wishes
In the past year, UC Greeks have volunteered over 30,000 community service hours and raised over $100,000 for their philanthropies
22 UC fraternities and sororities maintain an ongoing philanthropic partnership with a charity, foundation, or other community service organization
Each spring, all sororities gather together for the All Sorority Sisterhood Community Service event. Philanthropy UC Greeks held over 700 programs over the past year to increase the bonds of friendship between their members
Joining UC Greek Life connects you with thousands of other students who are looking to get the most out of their college experience
For many UC Greeks, their chapter is their home away from home, providing them with a support system not only during their collegiate years but after college as well
Joining a fraternity or sorority connects you to an alumnae network spanning from coast-to-coast Fast Facts UC is home to 36 social fraternitites and sororities
Greek Life has been in existence at UC since 1840
UC has been home to over 50 national chapters and over 22,000 alumni have passed through our community
UC will welcome a new sorority, Gamma Phi Beta in fall of 2011 Picture Yourself Greek! - Fraternity and Sorority Life builds lifelong friendships, and instills a sense of pride and commitment to our alma mater - Be a part of tradition and excellence! Fraternities and sororites are values-based organizations focused on creating an environment for you to become your best self - 5 of the 9 UC Trustees are Greek - The cost of a 4 year membership in a fraternity or a sorority is competitive, if not cheaper, than simply living in the residence halls Sorority Recruitment: October 20th-24th Visit: www.greeklife.uc.edu Fraternity Recruitment: September 30th-October 7th University of Cincinnati Fraternity and Sorority Life Twitter: @GoGreekUofCincy Facebook: Go Greek! University of Cincinnati 43% of UC Greek alumni give back to the UC Foundation, compared to 12% of all UC alumni Want to Learn More? Greek Week = Greek Philanthropy UC has 19 Fraternities, 8 Sororities, 7 NPHC chapters, and 2 non-affiliated chapters Sorority Bid Day 2010 Since 2004, UC Greek Week has raised over $239,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation Fraternity and Sorority chapters at UC have sent members to Guatemala, Haiti, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua and beyond to serve. Chapters provide the opportunity for leadership through local and national leadership retreats, mentor programs, and unique leadership training programs. Andrew Smith, 2010-2011 Student Body President, was awarded the Wayne S. Colvin Fraternal Values Award by the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values (AFLV), the single recipient at the annual Central Region Conference Since 2004, the All Greek GPA has exceeded the All University GPA every quarter In 2009, UC welcomed a new sorority for the first time in over 75 years UC Greek Life helps men and women find their niche on campus and make life long friends Rho Gamma: A dissafiliated sorority women who's job is to assist potential new members throughout the formal recruitment process Greek Recruitment Team: A group of unbias fraternity gentelemen who assist with the fraternity recruitment process Greeks by College at UC Since 2000, 7 of the 11 Homecoming Kings and 8 of the 11 Homecoming Queens have been UC Greeks - The fraternity and sorority experience complements academics, career development, family, and friendships. - UC's Greek Community is one of its longest standing traditions, the first fraternity was founded at UC in 1840, just 21 years after UC's founding. L
P While our 36 chapters are united by common core values, each chapter offers a unique experience, creating an opportunity for everyone In the last 5 years, the total members of the fraternity and sorority community have grown from 1,100 to almost 1,800, a 60% increase in total members
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