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Experiance the Religions Buddhism and Hinduism

Buddhism and Hinduism are two religions that are unique and organized in ways that make them different from eachother. These are religions that are very well known in India and used throughout.

Julie Allison

on 8 March 2010

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Transcript of Experiance the Religions Buddhism and Hinduism

Hinduism Buddhism BELIEFS:
Caste System- The grouping of social classes that seperates men and women according to the set of rules. Reincarnation- Through good deeds of kharma and dharma, leading different lives, believers of Hinduism admired the thought of reaching Moksha (The ultimate goal of life.) Polytheism- many gods known as Shiva, Vishnu, and Shahti. HOLIDAYS/HOLY DAYS! Holi- Festival of colors held in spring

Diwali-Festival of lights held in fall

Hatha Yoga- Meditation to help clear the mind and remove blockages of bad things. WORSHIP:
Vedas- Hyms/rituals
Mahabharata and Ramayana-Longest poems, written in any language but known as moving love stories or moral and spiritual themes.
Hindu Temples- Mandhirs
Simple Shrines- in streets (when inside worship could take place in no more than a corner of a room.)
Pictures/Statues of gods- to make offerings to any chosen god. The Religion Overall SYMBOLS: Aum> essence of the entire universe
-for prayer and focus on meditation
Bindi> dot or sticker on a women's Forehead usuaully when they are married or who are getting married.
Lotus> flower that represents peace and beauty Throughout a Hindu's life, they were expected to do good deeds and live long, happy lives that their souls would be replenished and they would reach Moksha. BELIEFS Reincarnation/Nirvana-Buddhist's believed that after death, your born into another body (reincarnation)....(Nirvana= final stage of rebirth).
Polytheism-Believed in many gods.
Meditation- Buddhist's believed in meditating under a Fig Tree for unlightment and relief. HOLIDAYS/HOLY DAYS Bodhi Day-Honors the enlightment of Siddhartha Gautama..This is usually held on Dec.8..observed in many ways, including prayer, meditation and teachings. WORSHIP/SACRED TEXTS Tripitaka-Earliest collection of means "The Three Baskets"
1st basket = Discipline basket
2nd Basket = Discourse basket
3rd Basket = Special teachings
-Temples, monasteries, and shrines. SYMBOLS The Wheel Of Truth Or Law (most important symbol)
Each spoke on the wheel represents something on the eightfold path
Eight spoked wheel, Bodhi Tree, Buddha's Footprints, Empty Throne, Begging Bowl, and a Lion..-used to represent him.
The eight spoked Dharma wheel or "Dharmachakara" symbolizes the Buddha's turning the wheel of truth or law.
3 spokes that symbolize eightfold path/3 swirling segments in center represent Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. The Overall Religion Buddhism is a religion based on good deeds and reaching Nirvana. Siddartha Gautama is the founder of Buddhism that created and premotes the practice of meditation under a fig tree. He is expressed as a great social leader. www.kheper.net findtarget.net eccstyle.com- by admin gudhealthinfo.com-byExperts eternallymine.wordpress.com boston.com-amit dave wordpress.com by hinduexsistance wordpress.com by hinduexsistance guhealthinfo.com- by Experst citronics.net- by mystery flickr- bybrass000 founder of Buddhism : Siddartha Gautama
sribuddha.magnify.net flickr- by tomtom103 librarythinkquest.com
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