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Brand Sunburn - Harsh Gokani

No description

Harsh Gokani

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of Brand Sunburn - Harsh Gokani

The story of Sunburn…
and what lies ahead

Multiple concerts and festivals at various locations around Asia
Several stages and arenas
Approx Footfall of several hundred thousand
Approx 100+ artists
Sunburn Goa, Sunburn Arena, Sunburn Campus, Sunburn Café
A lively festival experience not restricted only to music but also various other things…

In 2013

Brand Sunburn has grown from…
One annual festival in Goa
Two stages
Approx footfall of 10,000 people
36 artists
A Sunburn Goa
A basic music concert experience

In 2007

Thank You

A Recording label
It would be a great thing to enhance brand Sunburn by managing artists into contracts and also starting a record label for added brand image and revenues.

A periodic talent search

Organizing a talent search and grooming sessions for upcoming and talented music producers would provide multiple benefits. this would be an opportunities to the talented artists and also provide sunburn with a pool of talent as they can be put under a contract.

Talent management and institute of learning.
There are very few facilities available in the country for budding electronic music producers to develop their skills.

A magazine
A monthly or quarterly magazine focusing on Electronic dance music, related genres , artists , new releases and other EDM industry news should be a good area of expansion. Also this would serve as another medium for the promotion of various activities and events by Sunburn.

Entering the smaller cities and towns.
This would be an experimental move as the masses in these cities may not be aware of the electronic genres of music. This serves as an opportunity to expand the fan base.

A Radio station
A radio station dedicated to EDM music and related genres would be a great move to promote the brand, artists , events and music genres in the country.

Development of the EDM industry in India

Party on the move.
There could be specialized events with varied experiences being organized on a venue in motion like a yacht, cruise, a bus coach or on board an airplane.

Silent noise parties
Silent noise parties would be parties providing a unique experience where the individuals at the party are provided with headphones connected to a central source or server from which the music being played by the DJ is transmitted. Hence no issues of loud sound or time restrictions thereby an experience worth it.

World travel packages
A world travel package would be an all inclusive package of stay, travel and the sunburn experience with flights availability from various locations around the globe. This would provide the music enthusiasts a hassle free experience and complete assistance. Thereby leading to brand enhancement and additional revenues.

A chain of night clubs
Sunburn has established an absolute supremacy in the Indian party and dance music scenario. Having night clubs associated to the brand would provide a great prospect for expansion.

Collaborations with various state governments and tourism boards of other countries.
Collaborations with various state governments and tourism boards of other countries would provide a win-win situation. Sunburn can reprieve benefits provided by these bodies in the form of subsidies, local support and various other assistance and also a new location to expand. While, the governments and tourism boards would benefit by getting publicity, attention from tourists and thereby tourism revenues.

Broadening the Sunburn experience.


Today , Sunburn is the hottest dance music property in Asia!

Sunburn originated from the idea of a Electronic Dance Music Festival held in Goa, India.

Inaugurated in 2007, Sunburn became a place of synergy of music, entertainment, sports, food, shopping and lifestyle that has attracted audiences from every nook and corner of the globe.

Expanding further Brand Sunburn took its presence to other Asian cities namely Mumbai,Delhi,Bangalore,Colombo and Dubai through its festival and also the arena format highlighted by massive artists like Avicii,Dash Berlin,Tiesto,Afrojack and the absolutely unforgettable Swedish House Mafia's One Last Tour

In the past four years of existence, Sunburn has brought together renowned Indian and International DJs to entertain crowds of lakhs all around the year! With a variety of experiences to choose from, Sunburn caters to a wide Indian and International audience and highlights India as a Dance Festival destination to the world.

About Brand Sunburn

A glimpse of it..

The word “SUNBURN” is something that strongly strikes an adrenaline rush and extreme excitement in any music fan.

Sunburn has revolutionized the music culture in India and has put us on the world EDM map.

To explain it in 3 words..


What are we talking about?

A sunburn is a form of radiation burn that affects living tissue, such as skin, that results from an overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, commonly from the sun.

What is Sunburn

What is Sunburn?
What are we talking about?
What do we mean by getting Sunburnt
A glimpse
Brand Sunburn Then and now..
What lies ahead…


The Andaman & Nicobar islands or Lakshadweep islands as venue prospects.
Events at island locations like these will not only provide an expansion prospect for Sunburn but also help in creating another huge property as these places are rich on beauty and tourism interest as well.

Northeast India as a venue prospect.
As mentioned earlier, these regions are also rich on natural beauty and have a good tourism base. Hence, provided another location and also helping in the development of these regions.

New venue prospects

Broadening the sunburn experience.

New venue prospects.

Development of the EDM industry.

What lies ahead…

Basically it is a completely unique world where one enters into a musical voyage and forgets the outer world… hops.. Jumps.. Shouts..drinks… makes new friends… and returns back with memories of a lifetime but just sufficient enough to survive till the next edition..

What do we mean by getting Sunburn’t?

A glimpse of it..

A glimpse of it..

In 2007
In 2013
- Harsh C. Gokani
+91 9920517873
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