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Hurricanes SWJCS

No description

Haiden Means

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Hurricanes SWJCS

By: Haiden Means

How big are hurricanes?
A Hurricane Spins in a HUGE Circle
Where do hurricanes happen?
Hurricanes then move western and often toward the poles.
What are hurricanes like?
When hurricanes hit the land, it can cause great damage through fierce winds.Damaging winds may extend 250 miles ( 400 kilometers) from the eye.
How do hurricanes happen?
A hurricane is a powerful, swirling storm that begins over a warm sea. Hurricanes are very hard rain, flooding, and huge waves crashing into the sand and the houses. The winds of a hurricane swirls around a calm middle zone called the eye. A club of tall clouds called the eye wall surrounds the eye. These winds can reach almost 200 miles. The word hurricane means a tropical cyclone.
Hurricanes! By Lorraine Jean Hopping
Illustrated By Jody Wheeler
Hurricanes! By Nathan Olson

Produced By
SWJCS Star Productions
in 2015
The eye usually measures 10 to 40 miles in diameter and is usually free of rain and large clouds.
Here is a video.
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