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Copy of Dove Real Marketing Plan

No description

Tran Tram

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Dove Real Marketing Plan

Jason Davis, Brianna Clark,
Kimberly Chin, Brooke McKinnon
Edan Qian

Dove is a beauty and personal care brand owned by Unilever, a United Kingdom based multinational consumer goods company that owns
“more than 400 brands focused on health and well being."
Company Overview
Market Situation
Dove Real
Due to the growth of the beauty and personal care industry and consumer need for organic products we think Dove would greatly benefit from the new natural Dove Real Line
In Conclusion...
Company Overview
Market Situation
Dove Opportunities
Dove Real
Plan Implementation
"Dove is committed to helping all women realize their personal beauty potential by creating products that deliver real care. Dove believes that beauty should be for everyone, because when you look and feel your best, you feel better about yourself."
Dove's Product Lines Consist of:
Bar/Body Soap
Marketing Plan Implementation
Target Market
Eco-conscious females ages 18-60
The young adult generation that cares about environmental sustainability
Mothers conscious about
Harmful Toxins
Top cleansing brand
2.5 billion dollars in revenue in 2012
Found in nearly half of homes in the U.S.
Forefront of research and breakthrough technologies
Products are sold in over 80 countries
Facts about Dove
Marketing Mix
organic products
Growth Opportunities for Organic Personal Care
"Real Ingredients
Real Women"
Dove body wash is priced at $5.95
Shampoo and conditioner ranges from $2.99-$4.99
Bar soap is priced at $2.99
Lotion is priced at $5.99
Dove Real Pricing

Dove Real will be priced at $7.95
Dove Real shampoo/conditioner will be priced at $6.99
Dove Real bar soap will be priced at $3.99
In 2012, personal care products containing 70 percent organic content experienced a 43.7 percent increase in sales
Sealing the deal: FDA or USDA regulating the "O" word on personal care
Elevating organics through the use of "new" products. Ex: organic plant stem cells
Green chemistry and the issue of preservatives
Sustainable packaging using post-consumer products and bio-based materials
Dove Real will be priced at $7.99
The Beauty & Personal Care Industry
Large customer base; BPC products are necessities

Competition is very high

Brands look to find their
niche market
Organic BPC Industry
Growth of Top 10 Organic Markets and Prospects for Organic Beauty and Personal Care 2010-2015
organic beauty and personal care industry is anticipated a gain of US$1.7 billion from 2010-2015
High End
This strong growth shows that North America is the prime target market for companies wishing to explore organic beauty. Niche natural and organic personal care brands are becoming mainstream, and as a result are increasingly being sold in drugstores and supermarkets, thus attracting a growing consumer base.
$6 soap, $17-$20 shampoo
$35 conditioner
Low End
Conditioner - $5
Company Capabilities
Effective Marketing - Unilever spends
176 million
on Dove to advertise and market effectively
Dove launched the movement of self-esteem looking to make beauty a source of confidence, not anxiety
The campaign has reached out to 7 million girls today, and are looking to increase that number to 15 million by 2015.
effective viral videos create
, give the company a
competitive advantage
and works the
many to many
marketing strategy
shampoo $6
Social Media
Viral Marketing
Viral Marketing Campaign
High Value Strategy
Raw materials / Variable Cost =
for 32 ounces
In 2010, 176 Million spent on advertising
One 30 sec Nationally broadcasted prime-time TV ad on ABC = $125,000

One Month (Commercial airs twice a week) = $125,000 x 2 x 4 = $1,000,000

3 month's of Dove Real Campaign Ads =
3 million
Unilever = 67 Billion in Sales
Dove = contributes 1 Billion in sales
of Unilever's Sales
Product prices range from
$12 with an a
verage of
9 dollars a product
Unit Contribution Margin = $9 - $3.84 =
This directly in line with their existing product lines and campaign of supporting real beauty with real products
TV Ads

Social media strategist:
(10 hours per week @ $100 per hour = $1,000 per week.)
Total for 52 weeks

(1 Year) –

Community manager:
(30 hours per week @ $60 per hour = $1,800 per week.)
Total for 52 weeks –

Ongoing moderation and measurement
– between $30,000 and $80,000 depending on frequency.

Average of

Total =
Social Media
Real Beauty Sketch was contracted out to be $135,000
Will contract the Dove Real Campaign out for =
Marketing Plan =
$3.5 million
Fixed Costs
$10,329,588 (10.3)
13.8 million
$688,639,200 x 1.5% =
Total Fixed Costs
Break-Even Point: 10.3 Million/($9 - $3.84)
1,996,125 products sold to break-even
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