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jack richardson & nick triantafilu

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lib hist

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of jack richardson & nick triantafilu

Jack Richardson & Nick Triantafilu
Medal of Honor
charles joseph berry
charles joseph berry
charles died for his country but saved the lives of his team when a grenade flew into thier foxhole he dove on top of the grenade to where it would kill him but wouldnt injure any of his crew therefore displaying his sacrifice for his country
charles joseph berry
charles died for his country while fighting for america in world war II he was fighting on one of the volcanic islands of iwo jima charles loved his country and died believing in it
charles joseph berry
charles displayed valor while he and his crew held back an attack from the japanese while they were trying to take an island from the allies during world war II charles part of the united states marine corps and died for his country when the attack happened he recieved the medal of honor
charles had an overall good reputation and displayed honor by giving his life for his machinegun crew by giving his life by diving on top of a grenade to save his team
Ryan M. Pitts
He had served as a Forward Observer in the second Platoon., Chosen Company, 2d Battalion (Airborne), 503d Infantry Regiment, 173d Airborne Brigade during combat operations against an armed enemy at Vehicle Patrol Base Kahler in the vicinity of Wanat Village, Kunar Province, Afghanistan on July 13, 2008.Sergeant Pitts was providing perimeter security at Observation Post Topside, a well-organized Anti-Afghan Force consisting of over 200 members initiated a closely sustained and complex assault using accurate and intense rocket-propelled grenade, machine gun and small arms fire on Wanat Vehicle Patrol Base. As that was occuring RPG fire had engulfed the Observation post wounding Sergeant Pitts. After many injuries he regained control of the post by throwing grenades and returning enemy fire. Then he called from the north radio to call in back up. He is a great example of what a true member of the Army shows.
Sergeant Ryan M. Pitts performed admirably amongst terrible odds after being severely wounded to keep his post from getting overrun by the enemy. His determination and courage
was his last resort to save the base and his fallen brothers.
Sergeant Ryan M. Pitts embodies what the word patriotism is all about. The wounded Sergeant did not hesitate to fight through his injuries and his fallen soldiers and do whatever he
could to prevent over 200 enemy combatants from overtaking his post. He showed that through shear will and determination he and his country could not lose this battle.
Sergeant Ryan M. Pitts demonstrated the ultimate sacrifice by putting his life on the line to protect his Observation Post and his fallen soldiers. The Sergeant held off over 200 enemy forces after sustaining severe wounds to his arms and legs from rocket-propelled grenade shrapnel. He managed to hold off the enemy attackers using grenades and his firearm until two reinforcements arrived. After giving up his weapon, he crawled to the northern position radio not knowing if he would survive to notify the Command Post and request help.
Sergeant Ryan M. Pitts demonstrated his tremendous honor by letting his actions speak for him. At his worst moment in battle, his loyalty, integrity, courage and
selfless actions saved not only his post, but his fallen soldiers dignity and his own life.
Personal View point of Ryan M. Pitts
Sergeant Ryan M. Pitts shows great bravery and courage and that follows with him to receive honor. He was able to sustain heavy fire and also return it while not only being by himself but also being injured. What he showed America is what we call selflessness and what that means is that he cares for others more than himself. He didn't give up because he was injured and he didn't just let his post get decimated. He fought for what is ours and I believe that shows true American Spirit and great honor.
Sources for Ryan M. Pitts
1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryan_M._Pitts

2. http://www.army.mil/medalofhonor/pitts/profile/index.html
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