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Alexis Stover

on 7 December 2016

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Transcript of Ordovician

fact: the plaint was mostly water at this time
it`s creatures
This time had mostly water creatures and trilobites and land mammals

This times plants were vary exotic and rare as you can tell. moss and algae yes moss and algae are the most common plants in there time even tho there not plants.
what do they look like

these are some pic of what they look like when they where alive


Here is some pic of fossils that we saw, you mite like them and think there cool.
the end
The Ordovician Period started at a major extinction event called the Cambrian–Ordovician extinction events about 485.4 Mya (million years ago), and lasted for about 42 million years. It ended with the Ordovician–Silurian extinction event, about 443.8 Mya (ICS, 2004) that wiped out 60% of marine genera.
Owen g.
the Ordovician`s beginning
The time Ordovician

this prezi is about the Ordovician period it all started 4.90 mya to 4.34 mya.
Here is a sort you tube video.enjoy!

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