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MR. MANZO (back to school night)

No description

Tom Manzo

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of MR. MANZO (back to school night)

Contact Information
Electronic submissions for homework assignments
Prezi Presentations, quizlet sets
Quzlet Sets
Study Guides

(What you are currently viewing)
All notes/activities information in class will be on this presentation software.
May be found on my website

Customized Digital flashcards for student preparation and review
(There are review games as well)
May be found on my website

Top Educational Tech Used
Homework/Classwork/ Participation: varying from 10-25 points
Quiz: 50 points
Tests/Projects: 100 points
If absent on the due date of an assignment:
Work is to handed in the following school day

If absent on the day of a test/quiz
Test/Quiz taken on the following school day
Student Expectations
Bring pens, pencils, paper, etc.
Bring two notebooks (or binder) and a folder
Hand in assignments on time
Social Studies
History is meant to be a hands on study

Emphasis is placed on Document Based Questions and the idea of historical thinking.
On Edmodo.com, unless told otherwise
Electronically (easiest)
Handed in person (in class)
Late Work: can be made up for half credit
Education: Rowan University
Degrees: (2010-2013 early graduate)
Secondary Education

Head Spring Track Coach: Boys &Girls
Junior Student Council Adviser

World History
Online Text:
Password: fdaa1175e6

Homework Completion
US 2: students will use Schoology.com to access all homework
All World History Classes: Schoology.com
Late Work: can be made up for
half credit

ONLY if student is currently failing the course by 5 or more points

Inside the Classroom
Do Nows - to begin the period with an essential question to spark the minds of each individual student
Do Nows will be checked/collected randomly

Color Coded Note Taking
Students only copy what is in black, not lighter colors
To grasp the main concepts and to not be bogged down with unnecessary details

Activities/Mini Activities/Exit Cards/Graphics

This may include group work, a writing prompt, document based questions, pairing activities and other options for student analysis
Schoology.com: Main Page
Some Activities in Class
Do Now/Exit Card

Group Work: Analyzing multiple documents

Educational Video Clips: 2-5 minute clips

Provided at least 48 hours before test time, typically due on day of test unless told otherwise
Digital Flashcards for better studying habits
Notes/Presentation usually posted within 2 days of exam
Homework Assignments
World History & U.S. History 2
Full transcript