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Diya & Mrinal (20th April 2013)

No description

Tania Koshi

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Diya & Mrinal (20th April 2013)

Phase 1 Phase 2 He never realized that having a daughter would be so expensive! The poor father…
as a CA he thought he would only be making money… Why an engineer should end up as a banker is more than we can imagine…but Those plans have now fructified and
Diya George will now become Diya George! Very early in life Diya had set her eyes on a certain guy (or should we say “dude”)
and she had already made her plans… Now Rajkumar Korah, a successful CA,
began his search for his lovely bride… On account of paucity of time we’ll focus our attention on the first son and his offspring… In the fullness of time their love begat a bouncing baby boy –
Rajkumar Suputra Korah We do not know if it was love at first sight…
but it was clearly love with every breath! All we can say is that 2 engineers engineered their ways into each others hearts… The son of 2 doctors chose to become an engineer And now for Mrinal… But before she got to this point
she had to work very hard… What do we mean by “their love blossomed”? Obviously we mean that in the fullness of time a 7 pounder was brought forth and her name was (and is)
DIYA Not a moment was wasted –
their first date was a trip to the ZOO…
and their love blossomed! Beena! Daughter of Profs. K.M.Zachariah & Annamma Zachariah We don’t know if he climbed any mountains, skied down any slopes or sailed over any seas –
but we do know that he hooked (or got hooked by) a young Trivandram girl… He chose a career which enabled him to
sail on unchartered waters,
walk on slippery ground,
and even climb the highest of peaks… Or a Sailor Ski Instructor Mountain Climbing Rajkumar Korah had to make a career choice…
he had many options – Their journey started off like many Indian love stories…
an arranged marriage This is a story of royalty… the romance of
Rajput Kunji Korah Singh
Rani Sheela Kor And he added an MBA to his qualifications The poor chap has been living a life of complete
freedom! She completed her schooling from
The Choice School He became a Chartered Accountant! More than anything else, she enjoyed her life! She was Vice-Chairperson of her college! She steered away from the Korah commerce tradition and completed her engineering (without spending much time studying!) A few years later unto them a child was born, unto them a son was given… and his name was called –
Deepak! Hair gone…
Money gone…
Daughter gone… We’ll skip ahead to when the baby boy turned into a dashing young man… All we can say is that 2 engineers
engineered their ways into each others hearts… Rani Sheela Kor and Rajput Korah had other offspring too, each a varying version of Size 0 Size 0 -
Style Size 0 -
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Style Just to clarify - this is not the zoo! He looks cute! Need to look smart but casual! Hair gone…
Money gone…
Daughter gone…
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