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Modern Web Tools

No description

Michael Jo

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of Modern Web Tools

Modern Web Tools
Javascript user vs. Javascript developer
Function as values
Declarative Function
Filters, Directives, Templates
Two-way Data Binding
Controller, Routing, Factory, Service

What does this means?
Single Page Application (SPA) is a valid option for you to consider in your next project.
Propose whenever you identify an opportunity - Cloud in mind.
Enhancing existing applications - plugins Java, .NET
The guide document will be available.
Stay current. Technology is changing fast.
Java Group
More internal technical training sessions
Prototypes in the Cloud
Proxy configuration for NPM and Git

Popular - http://githut.info/
Client-side vs. Server-side
DOM manipulation -> Front end -> Server side
Library vs. Framework
Collection of functions
Your code is in charge and calls library. E.g. jQuery
A particular implementation of web app.
Your code fills in the details and it calls your code when it needs something app specific.
Javascript & Frameworks

Web Tools

Putting it together - Demo

How is it relevant to me as a developer?
Node.js & NPM
Server-side Javascript runtime environment
Comes with a library
Yeoman Workflow
Create a new webapp => handle dependencies => preview, test, build

Tutorial: http://yeoman.io/codelab/
Web Tools
Task Runners - build system for the web
Grunt - Configuration over Code
Gulp - Code over Configuration
CSS task - compiling Less or Sass, Minification, Concatenation
Javascript - JSHint, Concatenation, Ugfication (minification + mangling)
Image, Watch, Testing, Deployment task
Both tools do the same thing.

Package Manager for the Web - Bower
Web App Scaffolding - Yo
Yeoman - workflow with the scaffolding tool (yo), the build tool (Grunt, Gulp, etc) and the package manager (like Bower and npm).

Jasmine - behavior driven development framework for JavaScript
"describe" function to group tests
"it" function to define individual tests

Karma - JavaScript based command line tool
Spawn a web server to load source code
Execute your tests in the browser

angular-mocks - Inject and mock Angular Services within unit tests
Executes synchronously
$httpBackend mock XHR request
To understand Modern Web Tools
To give you an idea how they work together
To discuss how to start using these
Based on my own view & opinion
Keep it highlevel, but enough to understand
Javascript Frameworks - http://todomvc.com/
Building Modern Web - https://prezi.com/3n9iarfmurnk/building-modern-web-applications-using-angularjs/
AngularJS Architecture
Responsive design framework - mobile first
Cross-browser compatibility
Increase productivity
Community support
NPM - Node Package Manager
Manages ecosystem of node modules / packages
Global vs. Local
CSS Preprocessors
CSS Preprocessors
Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheet)
Thank you for coming.

More technical L & L sessions are coming from Architecture team:
Cloud (Azure), IoT.

Stay tuned.
Deep Linking
Hyperlink that specifies a link to a searchable or indexed piece of web content.

Simple application demo
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