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Hong Kong Orientation 2014

June 15, 2014

Angie Bergner

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Hong Kong Orientation 2014

Orientation 2014
Today's Agenda

General Info, Quick Facts & FAQs
Why are you here?
Rules & Policies, Emergency Procedures
First Week Events
Internship Tips
Academic Course Credit
Making The Most of Your Summer
Hong Kong's Transportation
Hong Kong
General Info & Quick Facts
Important Phone Numbers

Cesar Lerma

Sarah Gromek

Emergency : 999
Dream Careers - Hong Kong
Room XX, Name of your hall
Student Residence
PolyTech University
1 Hung Lai Road
Hung Hom, Hong Kong
Hong Kong


Mail , Internet & Laundry
Your Octopus Card : Transportation
Your Meals Vouchers
Rules & Policies
Alcohol policy
Marijuana and other drugs
Lockouts (times, charges, etc)
Guest Policy & Guest Passes
Immediate Expulsion
Possible Expulsion
Dream Careers Policies
Emergency Contact Info

Life-threatening emergencies

Non-life threatening injuries or illness

Accidents, terrorism, disasters

Medical/health services
Team Captains

Challenges & Tips
I have an unprepared or disorganized manager.
My company isn't hiring this summer
This is not what I expected and it’s not what I want to do with my life.
I don’t like my manager or my co-workers OR I don’t fit the company culture.
Someone has a much cooler internship than me
There's nothing for me to do!
Ice Cream Social : Tuesday Night
1st Career Development Seminar
1st Sponsored Event: Saturday, June 21st
A la Carte Event:Temple Street Night Market
Our Top Internship Tips To Succeed In Hong Kong
This Summer!
1. NEVER Be Late. Always Be A Few Minutes Early

2 & 3. Don’t Abuse Free Time You’re Given and Don’t Take Days Off

3. Dress Appropriately

4. Clean up your Social Media
Academic Course Credit
Hong Kong Transportation
Practice Routes
Maintenance/Service Requests
Communications & Announcements
Facebook Group
Weekly Emails
Program Website
Be aware of your personal items

Always stay awake



Note Down : Transportation Route Expert
Please make sure you put these numbers in your phones
Any maintenance requests can go to the front desk or called in to 3159-0099
Who Are We?
Miranda Loos
Program Director
Donna Lam
Cesar Lerma
Residence & Events
Sarah Gromek
Media & Marketing
Interesting Stats
Finding A Job :
Only 16% of graduating seniors say they have a job

Going Home :
32% of 2013 graduates say they plan to live at home after graduation, while among 2011/2012 graduates, 44% are currently living at home

The Importance Of An Internship:
75% had internships while they were in school - 42% say those internships led to jobs
No Internship =

1 out of 6 chance to secure a job

With Internship =

1 out of 2 chance to secure a job
My office doesn't look like I thought it would
All I DO IS…
make copies, make cold calls, read stuff, run errands, etc.
A Word On . . .
Smart phones & electronics
Sick Days & Requests for time off
I'm so tired
Office Politics
Internship Coaching
Individual Meetings
Tuesday, June 17th @ 8pm
Night Tour of Hong Kong
Meet in the lobby at 5:45pm
Check in with your assigned team leader
Don't forget
Your camera
Money for souvenirs
Your charged phone
Through the Polytech Cafeteria system at the G/F Student Canteen

Good for breakfast & dinner Monday-Friday

Cafeteria Hours:
Monday-Friday : Breakfast : 7:30am - 11:00am
Monday-Friday : Dinner : 5:45pm - 9:30pm
Pre-loaded - Monday-Friday, to and from work
City University & Dream Careers Rules and Policies
If you are asked to leave the program or forfeit any of your program privileges, you are not eligible for a financial refund of any kind
Service Requests :
Please complete our online form to turn in a service request for:
Internship Coaching
Follow up on a maintenance request
Roommate Issues
Personal Issues
Health and Wellness Issues
When the sun goes down, the traders have already laid out their wares and the opera singers and fortune tellers begin to emerge. Welcome to the Temple Street Night Market, a popular street bazaar, named after a Tin Hau temple located in the centre of its main drag, and a place so steeped in local atmosphere that it has served as the backdrop to many a memorable movie.

Thursday, June 19th
Meet at 7:30pm in the lobby

Bring : Your camera, water, cash, and a charged phone
At Dream Careers,
we believe in our mission and
want to ensure that each of you
has the best experience you possibly can! Our ultimate goal is to exceed your expectations and for each of you to say,
"That was the best summer of my life!"
Why are you here?
Be Your Best Self
Who Am I?
Program Director
Miranda Loos

24-Hour Emergency Hotline
3159 0099
Internship Coordinator
Donna Lam
Dream Careers Office Hours
Visit our staff office
Staff Office Hours : 8:30-11pm
7 Days a week
Possible Expulsion
Immediate Expulsion
Additional Policies
Dedicated Staff

Manages all RSVPs

Plans your A la Carte Events

Your go to guy/gal
Career Development & Event Line Up
Seminars (Mandatory) & Workshops

Sponsored Events and A La Carte Events
Wednesday, June 18th
Eric Normington
Dream Careers CEO
Polytech Rules & Policies

No drinking in common areas
No more than 5 people in an apt drinking ("pre-gaming")
Quiet Hours
10pm - 7am Everyday
Remember this is a residence building
Housing Alterations & Restrictions
No use of paint, ink, wallpaper or bumper stickers and any interior or exterior walls

No hanging heavy objects, drilling or nails

Upon check out your unit must be in the same condition as it was when you checked in

You will be charged for any damages
Cleaning & Upkeep
In your apartments
In the common areas
Every 3 days (Garbage)
Every 2 weeks (linens)
Disorderly Conduct
Around the housing
Noise (remember quiet hours)
Parties & Get Togethers
Drug Use
A resident may not have more than one guest at a time.
The visiting hours are from
8:00am to 11:00pm

Residents must accompany visitors at all times and be responsible for their behavior in the hall.
All visitors have to pass the security counter of the hall and complete visiting registration procedures properly.
Host residents have to go to the hall lobby to receive their visitors and complete registration with them at the pair up reader.

Opposite gender visitors are NOT allowed to stay overnight
Possession or use of any type of explosives, flammables, or deadly weapons (including taser guns) is strictly prohibited in the building
Dream Careers Rules & Policies
First and foremost we adhere by all the rules and policies outlined by Polytech
Breaking any of the following rules will result in your
dismissal from the program
Use of illegal drugs or firearms
No abusing alcohol prior to and/or during a Dream Careers activity. We have the right to ask you to leave any event or deny attendance to any event if we suspect that you are intoxicated
Disrespectful treatment of 1188 and Dream Careers property or personnel
Violating building security regulations (including the rooftop)
Intimidation of others with violence or the threat of violence
Tampering with fire alarms or other actions that could affect the safety of others
Getting fired from our internship
Violation of the following rules could result in expulsion or in the loss of program privileges
No loud music after 10pm or before 7am
No gambling and/or betting in any form
No sexual harassment of DCI, 1188 or fellow participants
No parties in the residence hall (4 or more people in a room OR loud noises constitutes a party)
No smoking in the building
No derogatory comments to anyone in the program
Do not let anyone outside of the program into the building unless they are your approved guest
If you are asked to leave the program or forfeit any any of your program privileges, you are not eligible for a financial refund of any kind
Your Roommate Agreement
Personal Roommate Assessment Form
Complete your own
Be honest
Use to complete Roommate Agreement Form with your roommate

Roommate Agreement Form (Found in your apartment)
Final Apartment Rules
Complete & return no later than Wednesday
Join us on Tuesday night after work for ice cream, cookies and our first game night!!!

Meet in the lobby
Your Mini Groups
Cesar - The Guys
Sarah - The ladies
Program Surveys
What are they?
3 surveys throughout the summer to get your opinion on events and to check in on how we're doing
When will you get them?
The first one will go out June 29th then you'll get the rest throughout the summer.

Why is it important?

Your chance to let us know if there's anything we need to improve on
Your chance to shout out your program staff on a great job, the whole company will see an overview of how each program is doing!
Takeaways from today
In your internship
Your living environment
Our Deal Breakers
Participate and step out of your comfort zone
We're all adults
Award winning writer, producer and power networking expert
Meet your hours/schedule agreement
Meet your internship goals as agreed upon with your manager and IC
Complete your bi-weekly program surveys
Complete Exit Assignment
Attend all Career Seminars
Meet in 1/F Function Room
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