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Social Studies 20-1

No description

Katrina Wright

on 10 April 2011

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Transcript of Social Studies 20-1

Nanjing Massacre Also known as. "The ape Of Nanking" What was it? A mass murder and war rape that occurred during the small period following the Japenese capture of the City of Nanjing. City Of Nanjing 1 9 2 8 The Japanese Armies started invading countries in China &




s & South Concerting provinces 1 In The Japanese Army would throw the dead bodies in to the river So many bodies were in the water that the water turned red.
IN 1931 they entered Manchuria they marched East BY ONE 1937 Once in Nanking. JAPANESE SOLDIERS WOULD rape
murder Chinese Citizens & The following images are gruesome and may offend viwers of this presentation.
They are of the acts that the Japanese army preformed during the Nanking Massacre. They include pictures of acts of rape and cruel forms of murder. Please Be Advised Women were raped and murder Not even children were saved The japanese military would practice on capture victiums 300,000 people were killed. Once Killed. IN the Chinese Government moved the capital of China (Beijing) to Nanking The city normally held about 250,000 people, but by the mid-1930s its population had swollen to more than 1 million Many of them were refugees, fleeing from the Japanese armies which had invaded China they took over Beijing after securing control of Shanghai Then the Japanese army advanced towards Nanking. The Forgotten Holocaust O
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