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Estuary food chain

food chain

Mason Gursin

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Estuary food chain

Estuary food chain primary consumers
(animals) Wood duck Plant hopper Nutria Swamp rabbit Flatid Producers (animals) duck weed Eel grass Pickeral weed trees of estuary Secondary Consumers Channel catfish Ivory-Billed wood pecker Lesser siren Testriary consumers Barred owl spotted gar Decomposers Sheapshead minnow Nematode what are producers? a plant, or animal that makes it's own food What are primary consumers? An animal that eats grass and other green plants in the estuary food chain What are secondary consumers? A secondary consumer consumes the animals that eat only plants. But they primarily eat meat What are Tertiary consumers? an animal that eats only carnivores; eats only secondary consumers in the estuary food chain what are Decomposers? an animal that breaks down the remains of another animal or things By: mason gursin and Gabriela Ortiz Endangered species the endangered species is the american alligator. This animal is so endangered because people use the skin for boots wallets etc.
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