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No description

geoff belleau

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Web2.0

19th Century

Keyword Texting:
Getting the message out
Opt in:
Cell phones are:
internet browsers
video cameras
social media devices
... and so much more.
not to be confused with personal accounts
7 Ways Educators Can Use Facebook

1.Help develop and follow your school’s policy about Facebook.
2.Encourage students to follow Facebook’s guidelines.
3.Stay up to date about safety and privacy settings on Facebook.
4.Promote good citizenship in the digital world.
5.Use Facebook’s Pages and Groups features to communicate with students and parents.
6.Embrace the digital, social, mobile, and “always-on” learning styles of 21st Century students.
7.Use Facebook as a professional development resource
In my British Literary History course last winter semester, my professor created a class facebook group which we all joined. We’d finish our reading for class and then get online and write a paragraph about what we’d read, focusing our comments on the specific course aims that my professor had created for the class. We would then go to class where my professor would note the ways in which we’d covered the material well and he’d teach anything we missed as well as anything else he wanted us to know.

This way of conducting class was effective because:

1. We were socially motivated to complete the reading and contribute to the online discussion.

2. We didn’t spend class time going over that which we already understood.

3. We were able to benefit from insights from peers who generally don’t participate in class discussion.

4. We all learned to focus the vast amount of reading required for such a course to the specific course aims of our professor.

5. Through contributions from our classmates, we understood how each distinct text related to the others and to the class focus, and so on.

We shouldn’t discount facebook when it has proven to be a worthwhile classroom tool.
One More Thing
Need for Tech "Days Off"
-Talking Face to face
-Distraction free homework
-Other Activities (reading book, washing the dog,etc)
"we as teachers can truly provide students the real tools of technology to cross the bridge to their future instead of our past" David Thornberg
Respond on wall
Reviews posts
Socially Motivated
Time not used for un-necessary Review
Benefit of hearing from students
that don't speak up during class
Teaches on concepts not understood
and extended learning
British Lit
Facebook page
20th Century
21st Century
John Quincy Adams
minister plenipotentiary to Russia
Classify triangles according to angle size and/or length of sides;
Calculate volume of simple three- dimensional shapes;
Given the coordinates of a quadrilateral, plot the quadrilateral on a grid.
Express probabilities as fractions, percents, or decimals;Express probabilities as fractions, percents, or decimals;
Obtain historical data about local weather to predict the chance of snow, rain, or sun during year.
Test consumer products and illustrate the data graphically.
Plan a large school event and calculate resources (food, decorations, etc.) you need to organize and hold this event.
Make a scale drawing of the classroom on grid paper, each group using a different scale.
Free for teachers
discussion boards
7 billion people on the planet
5.9 billion Cell phone contracts
Geoff Belleau
Program Manager - Instructional Technology
Solano County Office of Education
Twitter: @gbelleau/@stemplusplus
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