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A Separate Peace

No description

nathan ledbetter

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of A Separate Peace

A Seperate Peace
by: John Knowles "A Separate Peace" is about a group of boys during the first "summer session" at a new england boarding school named Devon. The book details the actions of a boy named Gene Forester and his best friend -known simply as Phineas- as they face gowing uip during the second world war. Throughout "A Separate Peace" John Knowles uses characterization to tell his story. Since the novel takes place in America -unlike other IRP novels- many people think that it is uninteresting and its point does not matter.
They would be wrong, the fact that its more familiar helps it get its point across. Since the characters are so relateable, Knowles is able to convince more people of his ideals from the actions he makes the characters take alone.
Also Knowles makes his characters relatable. Example 1: Since a theme of "A Separate Peace" is loss, showing what has happened between them helps the reader connect to their own feelings of loss.

"His tone took it thoroughly for granted that I had. For a moment I was almost taken in by it. Then my eyes fell on the bound and cast white mass pointing at me, and as it was always to do, it brought me down out of Finny's world of invention, down again as I had fallen after awakening that morning, down to reality, the facts(116). Example 2: The scene in the chapel also offers many
relatable things to the reader. The interactions that both Phineas and Gene have with the other boys during this scene highlights another theme of the book: fear. Gene fears that his secret about the tree will be revealed to Phineas.

"After all," Brinker continued, "there is a war on. Here's one soldier our side has already lost. We've got to find out what happened"(168). Example 3: The final theme portrayed by John Knowles through his characters is growing up. Many of the decisions that the characters face are a result of growing up in an unsure time.

"I hope you're having a pretty good time here. I know I ind of dragged you away at the point of a gun, but after all you can't come to the shore with just anybody. and you can't come by yourself, and at this teen-age period in life the proper person is your best pal"(48). A Seperate Peace- (Parody of "The Scientist" by Coldplay Verse 1:
A familiar setting, a school in new england.
During the summer session.
Just Gene and finny, two best friends.
but not friends for too long.
John Knowles the writer, characterization
and split them apart.
a tragic mishap, a broken leg,
Now they are apart.

John Knowles shows all of his themes
By the characters' actions and thoughts.
Through the entire novel.
He makes his characters relatable to us.
That's how the points get across. Verse 2:
The tone and mood, the setting and intro
All parts of the story.
But characterization, is most important,
it makes them feel like people.
who You can talk to, hold conversations
and who can tell you their thoughts.
He uses this to, tell you his story,
and make things stick out

John Knowles shows all of his themes
with character's actions and thoughts.
Through the entire novel.
He makes them all understood by us.
That's how the point gets across. Outro:
A Spereate Peace. (x4) Symbol 1:

I think that the beach represents weakness
because when Phineas and Gene visit the beach,
Phineas shows weakness and vulnerability for the first time in the book. Symbol 2:
I think that Leper's enlistment into the ski troop represents maturity. This is the first time anyone that Gene knows enlists so I believe it represents that they all are maturing. Symbol 3: The final symbol in the book is the tree. I believe the tree represents fate. Every time that Gene has jumped from the tree he has taken huge risks and has almost died once from a jump. The other jump he hurts Phineas.
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