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Plant Cell v. Soccer

Science cells

pieter h

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Plant Cell v. Soccer

Soccer team Plant cell Cell Wall Cell Membrane Cytoplasm Nucleus Chromatin Nuclear Membrane Nucleolus ER Ribosomes The cell wall keeps the cells shape The cell membrane controls what goes in and out of the cell The cytoplasm holds the other organelles in place The nucleus controls what goes on in the cell The chromatin tells what everything is supposed to do The nuclear membrane controls what goes in the nucleus The nucleolus makes ribosomes The ER transports materials The ribosomes make protein Golgi body The Golgi body Packages materials Vacuole The vacuole stores materials for the cell Mitochondria The mitochondria makes energy for the cell Chloroplast The chloroplast creates food for the cell Sidelines It creates the shape of the field Security Controls what goes on the field Field It makes up the playing area Coach It controls the team Game plan It tells everyone what to do Coaches assistant It helps the coach out Parents They make the players Team bus They transport the players Players They do the playing Uniforms They cover the materials Gatorade jug Stores what the players drink Hot packs It makes heat Gatorade It is the energy for players The End Pieter Heyn and Dylan Saunders
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