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No description

Diane-lly D

on 17 June 2010

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Transcript of Antarctica

Antarctica If you don't know where Antarctica is. Here it is Climate
Antarctica is the coldest place on earth the lowest temperature ever recorded is -89.2 c Animal food chain it all starts with Phytoplankton Then Zooplankton Baleen Whale G

N Crabeater seal Fish and squid By Diane-Lly Taimana =) Enjoy Adélie penguin producers Primary consumers secondary consumers sea birds skua Ross Seal the warmest temperature in Antarctica is 15 degrees Treaty
Bases The Treaty is an agreement under international law entered into actors in international law namely sovereign state ansd international organizations There are a number of governments maintan research stations throughout Antarctica.Own by many different countries. Emperor penguin Fish
Tertiary consumers What do they do in the Bases? Explorers The Home of the Blizzard", by Sir Douglas Mawson

"Antarctica: The Extraordinary History of Man's Conquest of the Frozen Continent", second edition by Reader's Digest

"Chronological List of Antarctic Expeditions and Related Historical Events", by Robert K. Headland

"Antarctic Days with Mawson", by Harold Fletcher

BIBLIOGRAPHY http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transport_in_Antarctica Weddell seal Toothed whales Leopard seal Killer whale
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