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Lifestyle Chemistry

HSC Senior Science Course - Lifestyle Chemistry

Damien Thompson

on 5 March 2010

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Transcript of Lifestyle Chemistry

Cleaning Products A wide range of cleaning products are made from colloids and surfactants State the relationship between the properties of an emulsion and the types of molecules present Outline the purpose of the emulsifying agent in a range of consumer cleaning products Identify that soaps and detergents are emulsifying agents and surfactants Define the term biodegradable Discuss the biodegradability of soaps and soap less detergents Perform a first-hand investigation to prepare an emulsion and compare its properties to those of a solution and suspension Plan, choose equipment or resources for, and perform a first-hand investigation to gather information about the properties of different emulsions and use available evidence to compare those properties Explain why cleaning agents must be surfactants and emulsifiers
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