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Poetry - The Raven & Incident in a Rose Garden

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Mark Fake

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of Poetry - The Raven & Incident in a Rose Garden

The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe Read by Vincent Price
Have you ever had an experience in which a familiar surrounding suddenly seemed unfamiliar or even frightening?
In your writing journal, write about a time you had a frightening experience.
Why are we facinated by the unknown?
While watching the video clip, focus on diction (the word choice and formality of the language used.
What events in Poe's life would cause him to write in the tone he uses?
Who is Vincent Price?
English Price

Everyone Loves a Horror Story

Lost mother to “coughing sickness”/tuberculosis
Lost Virginia to “coughing sickness”/tuberculosis

Death in Poe’s Life


Found delirious in Baltimore on October 3
Found in someone else's clothing
Found on Election Day
Died October 7

Mystery of Poe’s Death


Poe published some of best known works:
The Raven
The Tell-Tale Heart
The Black Cat
The Bells

Poe’s Masterpieces Written


After Allan died, Poe was discharged from Army
Poe was expelled from West Point
Throughout his troubles, Poe continued to write

Trouble Follows Poe


Poe quarreled with John Allan
Attended University of Virginia
Incurred gambling debts and left UV
Enlisted in US Army

Poe’s Young Adult Years


Best known for poetry and short fiction pieces
Life span: 1809-1849
Created detective story and refined psychological thriller
World-wide influence on literature

Poe’s Life


Lived with Aunt, Maria Clemm, and cousin Virginia
Dated Virginia and married her
Began writing for newspapers/magazines
Moved to Philadelphia

Poe’s Romance


Parents: David Poe Elizabeth Atkins
Parents died before Poe was 3
Adopted by John Allan
Poe was baptized Edgar Allan Poe

Poe’s Childhood

Stephen King is often compared to the 18th century weaver of horror tales, Edgar Allan Poe

Masters of Horror
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