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Vocal Music for Blackboard

No description

Debbi Richard

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Vocal Music for Blackboard

Vocal Music
Female Voices
Soprano is the higher female voice
Alto is the lower female voice
Male Voices
Tenor: the higher male voice
Baritone: the medium male voice
Bass: the lowest male voice
Mixed Voices
Traditional SATB Choir
St. Olaf University Choir
Barbershop Chorus
The Vocal Majority
Mixed Contemporary
Pop Acapella
Collegiate Acapella Clubs
The Dartmouth Aires
“If music does reveal feelings and sounds, the way it does so is still one of the most baffling problems in the philosophy of art... There is mystery about music, unique among the arts; that is part of its fascination.”
The human voice is God’s most perfect musical instrument, and the one we carry with us everywhere.

“Singing has always seemed to me the most perfect means of expression. It is so spontaneous. And after singing, I think the violin. Since I cannot sing, I paint.” ~ Georgia O'Keefe, artist (1887-1986)

“Singing I was at peace, Above the clouds, outside the ring: For sorrow finds a swift release in song, And pride its poise.” ~ Cecil Day Lewis, Irish poet (1904-1972)
Soprano: Renee Fleming singing
"Casta Diva" from the opera
by Vincenzo Bellini

Alto: Judy Garland singing
"The Man That Got Away" by Arlen & Gershwin
from the movie
A Star Is Born
Tenor: Luciano Pavarotti singing
"Nessun Dorma" from the opera
by Giacomo Puccini
Baritone: Michael Buble singing
"Call Me Irresponsible" by Van Heusen & Cahn
from the movie
Papa's Delicate Condition
SATB music scores show all four voices on separate lines, usually with piano accompaniment on the fifth line
In this arrangement, the sopranos start alone, then the altos join, followed by the tenors, and then the basses.
Barbershop music is characterized by tight harmonies. The Vocal Majority is based in Dallas.
Rajaton is a contemporary mixed a capella group from Finland.
The following clips are examples of a capella vocal music, which is sung without the aid of instruments
A capella fraternities and sororities are popular at campuses across the US, like this one from Dartmouth
Most modern a capella groups feature "beat-boxing," or vocal percussion,
as well as great vocals
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