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Teacher presentation to globalization.

Molly Bails

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Globalization

GLOBALIZATION issues with economic, political, and foreign policy A story about how globalization
is related to poverty. And with
an increase in poverty come an
increase in worse things, such as
violence, terrorism, and war. Solutions to globalization. Go to this URL to litsten to John Saul discuss the solution.
http://www.metacafe.com/watch/3058768/the_solution_for_globalization/ Our president, Barack Obama
explains how the world needs
to move forward away from the
past. He explains how it is
impossible for the United States
to grow as a country if they do not
put in the efforts to grow along
with the globalization, rather than
moving away from it. In this picture, it is symbolized how
the United States has gone away from
their unity, represented by the 50 stars,
and can now better be represented as a
nation revolving around globalization. This map shows how the United States is
losing jobs to other countries. The United States
appears to be an empty place in the sense of work. A family takes a world trip, but by seeing the clothes
that they returned in, it is difficult to see that they
even left the country. Many of the things people can
get overseas are also available in the United States. Globalization. It's everywhere. Can globalization be a good thing? Everywhere you turn,
the product of globalization
can be seen. Use the information given in the text as well as the
videos in this presentation to create your own globalization
presentation. This should be done as a group. There is no limit
to what you are able to do, just be sure that everyone has an equal part
in the job of getting the presentation done. It should be informative
as well as fun. I look forward to seeing the final results! What is globalization to you?
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