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Business Management and Admin

No description

Ione Dyer

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Business Management and Admin

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr Ione Dyer Business, Management and Administration Be prepared to plan, organize, direct, and evaluate business functions that will make a company run more efficiently. What To Be Good At Some college major options would be Accounting and Business Management, Business Statistics, Operations Research, Public Relations, and Small Business Administration and Management. College Majors Career options in Business, Management and Administration require a certain skill set. You must be highly skilled in time management, organization, communication and customer services. What Is It? Accounting:
Accountants analyze and interpret accounting records so that they can give advice and prepare statements. Pathways Employees in administrative support use technology to coordinate administrative activities of an office. They make sure that information is collected and sent out to other staff members and clients. Administrative Support Business Information Management People in this field of work employ strategies and systems that are used to collect, organize, and share information in an organization. Some of the main items that employees working in this pathway work on are communication with clients, overseeing other employees work, the performance of financial functions, the utilization of marketing functions to ensure success, and the performance of administrative functions. General Management People working in human resources recruit, interview, and hire and match qualified employees into positions that will best suit them. They will also provide training to boost employee satisfaction. Human Resource Management These people organize, coordinate, and control resources that are needed to provide a business's services. This includes tasks like quality control, scheduling, and warehousing. Operations Management Some possible jobs that are closely related to this career cluster are an association manager, statistician, human resources specialist, legal secretary, and a medical secretary. Related Careers Thank You
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