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Advanced search on the internet

No description

Emad Ahmed

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Advanced search on the internet

Advanced Search on the

What do you Know about
Google Services

Search Services

Finding Specialized Information
- & +
No more Forums -direct download
No more ignore
search for related sites
Specific destination
.com .org .gov .edu
scholarship site:gov
Use previous tools here it is
filetype:Pdf, ppt, dox
- search for multiple files in specific sites
ppt OR pdf site:4shared
- Search for multiple files in different sites
ppt OR pdf site:4shared OR site:mediafire
Search for files
Search in spaces
Find websites
- site:coursera.org
States in USA are *
- link:coursera.org
Intext , Allintext
Search for your word in the text at the website
Intitle - Allintitle
Search for all websites contain
- one word
- some words
Url - Allinurl
Google products
Universities and websites
Gamification - Story telling
achievement - competition
Meet up
MOOCs in Resume
: attendance
Future of internet economy
How to start
Where can you start
Thank you
Google products
Google Alerts
Google Scholar
Google Bookmarks
Google Calendar
Google Docs
Google Drive
Google Hangouts
Google trends
You Need to know
Build your reputation
You will never have to deal with
a controlling boss anymore
You have total control of your time
You lead a stress-free existence
You need to know
You don't need to socialize anymore
Being able to balance your professional and personal life is a natural consequence of freelancing.
You have to price yourself cheaply to win clients
Search for your site
Direct Advanced search
Art of key word choice
Speed search on Google
Inside search by images
Special features
Free Apps
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