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Snap Freezing Water!

No description

Amir Alkhafagi

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Snap Freezing Water!

Super Cooling Snap Freezing Water!
By: Amir Alkhafagi

If I wait 30 minutes with ice around a cup with water, then the water might be supercooled.
Plastic cup
Distilled water
First you need to get your materials.
Second get the plastic cup and pour a sample of distilled water into it.
Third put the plastic cup into the bowl.
Fourth take the ice and put it around the cup. Make sure that the ice is on a higher level than the water.
Fifth take the salt and put 2 teaspoons on top of the ice.
Sixth put the thermometer in.
Seventh Check on the thermometer every 5 minutes.
Eighth wait until the thermometer says -1 to -3 degrees Celsius.

Can water still be a liquid when it's under 0 degrees Celsius or supercooled?
I read that water can be under 0 degrees but still a liquid. So I decided to try it out. I also read that after the water is super cooled you can put an ice in there and the water would freeze really fast. So I decided to try that too.
Results and Data
Conclusion and Discussion
Start Temperature: 23 degrees Celsius.
After 5 minutes: 18 degrees Celsius.
After 10 minutes: 16 degrees Celsius.
After 15 minutes: 13 degrees Celsius.
After 20 minutes: 10 degrees Celsius.
After 25 minutes: 6 degrees Celsius.
After 35 minutes: 6 degrees Celsius.

I would like to thank my mom for buying me the supplies.
My hypothesis was incorrect because the water didn't even go under 0 degrees Celsius.
I wanted to conduct this experiment because I wanted to see if water can stay a liquid while its under 0 degrees Celsius. My project kind of worked because the water didn't go under 0 degrees Celsius, but it went to 5 degrees Celsius.
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