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Natural Hazards

No description

Shiraz Harold

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Natural Hazards

By Shiraz and Melissa Natural Hazards Floods Hurricane Tsunami Wildfires What are floods? What is a Hurricane? A tsunami is a small wave caused by unexpected movements under the sea. The wave continues to near shore and once the wave reaches shallow sea floor the waves get bigger and bigger. Sometimes the wave can get higher than 20 meters. A wildfire is a harmful fire that begins in the forest. People may cause wildfires or even nature itself! To create a wildfire you need fuel, heat, and oxygen. Wildfires are very dangerous but sometimes it can be a benefit for the forest. The fire can burn the unwanted, dead leaves, twigs, or even branches. This helps because afterward the soil has nutrients and is good for providing more plant life. Floods are events that occur when water overwhelms normally dry land. They occur when there is heavy rain or lots snowmelt. How often do floods occur? What can we do to prepare for a possible flood? 1.) It depends on how often it rains or if you are close to a river. If there is a lot of rainfall there will be many floods and if there is little rain there will be a drought.

2.) Pay attention to all National Weather Service Flood watches and warnings on TV or in the newspaper, Practice a flood safety plan with your family and neighbors, and don’t drive through water. What is a tsunami? 1. A tsunami is triggered by unexpected movements that could have been caused by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in the ocean. What causes a tsunami?
How often does this happen?
Is their a scale to measure a tsunami? 2.Tsunamis actually happen pretty frequently. The more frequent tsunamis are not destructive and they do not have very high waves. The tsunamis that are very destructive and have high waves tend not to happen often. Tsunamis that are destructive are heard more around the world than the smaller, less destructive ones.

3.The Richter scale can be used to measure the tsunami. The two most famous tsunamis is the one in that happened in Japan in 2011, and the one that happened in 2004 on Boxing Day.
One nominated movie for the Oscars that contains a tsunami is called The Impossible. Famous tsunamis and Movies with tsunamis How can you prepare for a tsunami: People can watch the national forecasts, warning on TV and in newspapers, and if a tsunami is coming the best thing is to move to high ground like a hill. This is suppose to be from a movie. Wildfires?
One way this natural hazard can occur is by mother nature. The air has oxygen, the soil and forest has fuel, and sometimes heat from lightning, volcanic eruptions, or even after a long, dry period of time, wildfires can occur. The next possible way wildfires can occur is by humans. Campfires or burning cigarettes can cause wildfires. Also did you know that 90% of wildfires are started by humans?

On average every year about 106,260 wildfires occur over the world, so yes wildfire happen often. How is this possible? How often? No but people were thinking about a scale for the wildfires called Wildfire Threat Magnitude Scale.

People must move out of the area of the wildfire but a lot of people do not live in forests so the ones who do just need to move out of harms way as fast as they can. Any scales for measurement? What do we need to do? 1.The Great Peshtigo Fire
2.There are many movies with wildfires in them, one of the movies is called Wildfire. 1. Most famous?
2. What movies? Is there a scale to measure a flood? There is no official scale for a flood but floods are measured by their depth. They are normally measured in feet or meters depending on where the flood happens. What is the most famous flood? The most famous flood is the Great Mississippi flood in 1927. It was the most destructive river flood in the history of the U.S. A hurricane starts as a tropical storm over the ocean and becomes a hurricane with the right ocean temperature, air moisture, and winds.
A hurricane’s winds blow at speeds greater than 74 miles an hour. How often do hurricanes occur? Hurricanes do not occur very often and normally happen on the average hurricane season (June 1 - November 30). During this time about 6 storms form in the Atlantic Ocean but only about half actually hit the U.S. coast. What scale is there to measure a hurricane? The scale to measure a hurricane is the Saffir-Simpson Scale. It measures the intensity of a hurricane (from 1 - 5). Volcanic Eruptions Earthquakes How can we prepare for hurricanes? Hurricanes are predictable but very dangerous. People should always look out for hurricane watches and warnings. Families should evacuate houses and move to safe places. What is the most famous hurricane? The most famous hurricane is hurricane Katrina which happened in 2005 and is one of the top 5 deadliest and most destructive hurricanes in the history of the U.S. This is Hurricane Katrina Were there any hurricanes in movies/TV shows? There was one episode on How I Met Your Mother called “Disaster Averted,” where hurricane Irene happens. What is a volcanic eruption and what are the conditions that cause it? A volcanic eruption happens when a volcano erupts. Eruptions in shield volcanoes are very mild and flow slowly so aren’t dangerous from a distance. Composite volcanoes, on the other hand, are explosive and wild and are dangerous to anyone close. Volcanic eruptions can happen anytime if a volcano is still active. How often do volcanoes erupt? Volcanoes erupt a lot in some places like Hawaii if the volcano is active. In most other places in the U.S. volcanic eruptions rarely happen. If a volcano is dormant it can erupt again but most volcanoes don’t erupt for a long time between eruptions. For example, Mount St. Helens erupted in the late 1800’s and then again in 1980. Is there a scale to measure volcanic eruptions? There is one scale called the Volcanic Explosivity Index or VEI scale that measures the things that can be observed during an eruption. This is the VEI scale What can people do to prepare for a volcanic eruption? The most famous volcanic eruption was Mount St. Helens in 1980. What was the most famous volcanic eruption? First of all, don’t live next to an active volcano. If you do than be prepared with extra food and water and be ready to find shelter or evacuate the area. Earthquakes are caused when tectonic plates move past each other. This then causes an earthquake to happen.

Earthquakes can happen anywhere at any time, but the only way for them to occur is sudden movements in the round caused by tectonic plates.

Earthquakes actually happen every single day. Earthquakes that happen everyday are small so we don't feel them.

Yes and they are the Richter Scale and the Mercalli Intensity scale. The Richter Scale is based on the seismic waves and energy of the earthquake. The Mercalli Intensity scale is based on how much damage the earthquake did.

Unlike other hazards, you can not know when an earthquake happens before it it actually happens. But if you do encounter earthquakes then you must protect your head with anything you can find. YOu can go underneath tables or even door frames. You can also plan ahead of time if you enter a place where it is an earthquake danger zone.

I think the most famous earthquake was the one that happened in 1906 in San Francisco, California.
Earthquakes have happened in many movies, one of the movies is called “Earthquake” How? When? How Often? Any Scales? What do we do? What movies and which one is the most famous? Thank you for listening to our presentation of natural hazards! >.< Movies and T.V shows There are many movies and t.v shows with floods but one famous movie is called Noah's Ark. Movies and t.v. shows There are more than 100 movies and t.v shows with volcanoes and them erupting. A few movies are called Nova, Mysterious Island, and the Lord of the Rings.
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