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Interpersonal Communication Ethics

No description

Morgan Lloyd

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Interpersonal Communication Ethics

Interpersonal Communication Ethics:
The Relationship Matters

1. Interpersonal communication is one of many forms of communications.

2. The relationship is the only element being cultivated.

3. Interpersonal communication can be studied in various ways.

What does it take to nourish a relationship?
The key to interpersonal communication ethics
Who works to honor the relationship, whatever the consequences?

If the relationship changes, you change.

Dialogic Ethics



Interpersonal Communication Ethics

Protects the good of the relationship

Interpersonal communication generates relationships

All about the "we"

It is a responsibility
It is more than empty space
It is necessary

Interpersonal Responsibility
Labeling or Naming

Hesed = doing a good in the community is necessary but can't be demanded.
Demand can stifle hesed.
Interpersonal Relationship Ethics
as seen in "The Little Giants"
Interpersonal Relationship Ethics
as seen in "The Little Giants"

Arnett, R., Harden Fritz, J., & Bell, L. (2009). Communication Ethics Literacy: Dialogue and Difference. Los Angeles, California: SAGE Publications, Inc.

Dunham, D. (Director) (1994). The little giants [DVD].

Clip # 1

The relationship lacks distance and responsbility.
The younger brother engages in emotivism
Clip # 2

Both brothers show an attempt to demand something from the relationship
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