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Summary of "The Black Pearl"

No description

Annie Anderson

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Summary of "The Black Pearl"

Summary of "The Black Pearl"
After being mentored for awhile, Ramon wishes to go out to sea to dive with his father for pearls. When his father denies him of this, he asks a "friend" who helps with the business, named Soto Luzon, to teach him to dive for pearls without his fathers permission. He agrees to do so, so they then sail to the lagoon were Soto Luzon dives.
There, at the lagoon, Soto Luzon teaches Ramon to dive. Also, during the time he spends there, Soto Luzon tells him about the Manta Diablo of legend. He (the Manta Diablo) supposedly lived in the very same lagoon that they were diving in.

As soon as they find the pearl, they set sail for La Paz were the pearl was celebrated and given as a gift to the church to bless the fleet and people of the town. Soto Luzon had a bad feeling about the pearl. He knew that the Manta Diablo would get his pearl back in the end...

During the next voyage the crew went on, the newly christened boats were caught in a terrible storm, and only one man survived.

As they set sail for Guaymus, a large manta ray trailed behind them... Ramon knew right away that it was El Diablo come to regain his pearl, but the other sailor was doubtful, and ignored the manta trailing the boat.
The Manta remained consistent and made itself known, and forced them to harbor in an island nearby. Later they fled the island being chased by indians, and to their astonishment, the same manta ray as before trailed behind
their boat.

When the sailor became agitated with the manta for doing such, so he sets his mind on killing the behemoth creature. Half of him was only doing in to show off and have something to brag about, the other half was to gain glory.
He won that battle, but as a result was a watery grave. For he was drowned as the Manta Diablo sank to the bottom of the ocean with the him attached to it.

The first thing you should know
about this book is that the main characters name is Ramon.
The setting of this book mostly takes place in a small town by the sea in Mexico called La Paz.
Two more important things you should know is that Ramon's father owns a pearl dealership and is mentoring Ramon, and that a creature called the Manta Diablo is a fearsome beast of legend that has a big role in this story.
" He had seven rows of teeth in his
mouth, each tooth as long as my fathers
Toledo knife. With these teeth he would
snap my bones like sticks."
'"El Diablo", I asked holding back a
smile. "He lives in your lagoon?"'
While they are at the lagoon, Ramon searches for
the pearl of heaven (The Black Pearl) in the one
place he is not allowed... In the cave of the Manta
Diablo, and he finds it.

"I knew that it was not a rock that I held in my hands but a pearl, the great Pearl of Heaven"
"Lost. The fleet is lost" He said
before he fell back on the sand
muttering words I could not hear
"Throw it back" he cried. "El Diablo is waiting for the pearl and will not rest until he gets it."
After the service held at the church for the men, Ramon had decided to return the pearl to the harbor in which he had found it. He had gone to return it to the Manta Diablo to prevent any more unfortunate events in the future.
When he arrives to the harbor he realizes that he had been followed by the man who survived the storm.
He threatened his (Ramon's) life in return of the pearl, for he wished to take it for his own and go to sell it in a near town for large profit.

"We go to the city of Guaymas. What do
we do there? We sell the great pearl."
"I turned around to see what ever had
frightened a fish known for courage, and
saw what caused such commotion.
Raising out of the water was the same manta"
So then the other sailor grabbed the harpoon, with the idea that the manta would pull the boat if he could harness it. He hit the manta squarely between its fins with the harpoon and as his theory suggested, the manta pulled the boat. But he pulled the boat back towards the same island they had come from, which was inhabited by murdering indians .

"It struck the Manta Diablo squarely
between his outspread wings"
Ramon then set sail for his home town of La Paz. Once he got back, he went to the church and returned the great pearl. He thought that it was a safe thing to do now, for the Manta Diablo would not be able to seek for it any more. And at the sight of the returned pearl, the town rejoiced and celebrated.
"Then he went down with his sounding enemy, still with the harpoon in his hand.
Written by: Scott O'Dell
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