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After Twenty Years Theme And Message

No description

Utku Anayurt

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of After Twenty Years Theme And Message

For some resources, the theme of this short story is Crime Does Not Pay. Story contrasts two different characters who have different life styles. Jimmy likes safety, Bob prefers freedom. This is one basic example. The theme of "Crime Does Not Pay" is also to be found in O. Henry's other stories.
Also friendship and trust are emphasized concepts. If they don’t trust each other, they wouldn’t come after 20 years. Also Bob trusted Jimmy and didn’t even thought he was the cop he talked. We can understand their friendship and trust by the sentences: ‘’He was my best friend and the best fellow in the world. He and I grew up together here in New York, like two brothers.’’
Utku Tahir Anayurt
İpek Naz Yetiş
Berke Can
Doğukan Örnek

After Twenty Years
For me, the theme of this short story is loyalty. I decided that because Bob and Jimmy had a really strong relationship when they were young, but they got seperate from each other at the age of eighteen and twenty. They lived seperately for 20 years and when 20 years have passed, they didn’t forget each other. It is certainly a loyal behaviour. Also, Jimmy didn’t wanted to arrest him although he saw him and he knew he was wanted by Chicago cops. This also shows how their friendship was strong and their loyality.
The message of the short story is ‘’If you are connected with somebody with a very strong relationship, you won’t forget your friendship even it passes 20 years or more.’’ for me. This message is briefly in the text because all of the story is about the relationship between Jimmy and Bob. As I denoted before, Jimmy didn’t arrest Bob because of the relationship between them. If they weren’t connected with a strong relationship, then Jimmy wouldn’t remember him or he could arrest him if there was a money prize.
Culture Collector
In the story there are ciggar shops witch we dont have those shops

In the story there are midnight open restourants which we calle them soupers or ‘çorbacı’

In the story there are cops who are at guard at midnight

Character Analysis
: He is responsible and he is a true friend.He had come a thousand miles to be there after twenty years.
He knew that if Jimmy is alive on earth,he’ll be here at the time.He never stoped waiting for him.He is a man wanted by Chicago cops and that’s why Jimmy didn’t want to say the truth.He is the main character of the story.

: He is responsible like Bob.Maybe he couldn’t be succesful in New York but he is not a man who wanted by chicago cops.
He is a real friend.He didn’t want to arrest Bob himself.In my opinion,he could say that he is Jimmy,then he could send another cop to arrest him.

Other Cop
:He played with Bob’s emotions.He is not a good man.
Bob cried after he said that he is Jimmy(fake jimmy).He is a liar.In my opinion,he could tell the situation and give the little piece of paper.So that Bob wouldn’t be dissapointed.He can’t emphatize.
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