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Urban Photography

No description

Tania Ramos

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Urban Photography

Garden Grove
My home is located in Garden Grove borderline Santa Ana and not far from Anaheim. My street is at a dead end. It is usually very quite in my immediate area. There is a sense of community because nearby there is police department, there is an adult school, an old people home, a library, a high school, a community garden, a pond, and many other places to visit.
Tania Ramos
HESC 471
Dr. Erualdo Gomez
Urban Photography
Built Environment
There are many
service environments
around my neighborhood, including, a Costco, various bus stops, apartments and homes.
Service Environment
Social Enviorment
Social Capital , trust, network, positive social environment
Physical Enviorment
There is a park near my house, that ties into Built Environment. Water, plants, and ducks.
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